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Ability to opt out of events


Reading all the feedback about events it seems that more and more players are choosing not to take part in them for whatever reason so i would like to see some way to actually opt out of taking part so that the players that do not want to do them do not have to have the icons on the side of the screen for the entire length of time that the event lasts. It could be made so that once a player opts out of taking part they can not change their minds and opt back in, once you're out you're out and no going back. That would make players think about it before they choose the opt out function. When there is an event running we get 2 extra quest icons on the left side of the screen that are always the top 2 and this pushes the main game quest icon half off the screen(for me anyway) so if i choose not to do an event and opted out those 2 extra side icons would not be there cluttering up my screen and i could see my main quest icons properly, the quest title icon at the top of the page would also not be there getting in the way. I do not see how this feature would have any negative effects on the game.
Your thoughts please people ?

Edit title should be Ability to opt out of Events not Evenys lol


Elvenar Team
Thanks for your suggestion. It is already possible to ignore the events: they are fully optional to play. Furthermore, Elvenar is developed with a minimal resolution of 1024x768 in mind, which should cover most screens. If you are unable to see parts of the game due to elements falling outside of your visible field, we suggest to play the game in fullscreen mode. You can enable this through your ingame settings (bottom right of the game).