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A simple patch to fix this week's tournament?


Regarding the bug identified over the weekend that enemy units are gaining from our boosters . . .

As a suggestion of a simple patch fix, if fixing what is broken in the core is too complex, since the bug only seems to affect troops that are the same as those available in our Merc Camp/Training Grounds . . . why not for this week take away the link and ensure that the enemy troops don't use any of our MC/TG troops?

I'm guessing Steinling and Enchantress aren't bugged despite being basically Golems and Sorceresses because they have their own unique code in the games files index and their own name etc even if graphically and statistically they are basically the same. I'm assuming Hellhounds might be the same but Cerberus will be bugged because they are in our Training Grounds? So why not rename Cerberus for the enemy, give it a new unique code in the index, a new unique name and then even if graphically and statistically they are still the same thing the bug should be bypassed.

Unless you're going to fix the bug in time for tonight anyway it is probably easier to fix one troop type for this week while developing a permanent fix and then we don't suffer the bug this week for the Tournament [even if Spire and World Map will still be glitched].

PS repeating this for all other duplicated units would fix the bug permanently probably. The enemy would still have the same units as us but because they have their own index and name they would no longer be bugged just as Steinling etc aren't.