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A basic guide to Ancient Wonders

In order to build a wonder, either an elf/human wonder or a dwarven wonder you first need to unlock the tech in the tech tree.

Once you have unlocked the elf/human wonder you can either build a lighthouse/great bell spire or a monastery/sanctuary or both. (Neither of these are very useful and many have said they are harmful to you because they take so much space and they take boosted relics and thus lower your goods production).

Once you have unlocked the dwarven wonders you can either build a dwarven bulwark or a mountain halls or both. (The only wonder anyone who has studied the issue has said is really worth anything is the mountain halls).

Before you can even start to build a wonder, you need to collect rune shards and make a whole rune. You need 9 unbroken rune shards to make up that one rune. You never know if the rune shard you collect will break or not. You find that out after you try to insert it into your rune circle. Many of them do break. If they break, then you get a rune shard piece and that goes into another category. Once you have collected 10 broken rune shard pieces, then they will be magically forged together to make one whole rune shard that cannot break.


You get rune shards from either completing an entire province or as a bonus from helping others with their wonders.

Each level of the ancient wonders takes more and more knowledge points (KP) before you can level up. The first level take 175 KP. The second level 250. They go up and up. Anyone who has unlocked the ancient wonders tech in the tech tree (back in level IV) can contribute to a wonder. I can come over to your city right now, see you have a wonder, and give you KP towards the total you need. All I do is click on your wonder, click on the help tab and donate. The people who donate the most KP to your wonder get a bonus. If you donate the most you get 1 or more rune shards of the kind of wonder you are donating to (so I will get a mountain halls rune shard from donating to your mountain halls wonder if I donate the most), if you donate the second most you will also get a shard. But from there, it depends on your level. On level 1 of the upgrade, only the top two donors will get rune shards, each level is different.

Anyone at any time can come in and donate to your wonder.

So you can have all the "agreements" you want with one person, but another person can jump in any time and donate enough KP to put them in one of the top places and then you may drop down to a position where you don't get any bonus. Or one of you will drop down, or both of you will drop down.

A "club" of people who think they are going to be assured of a bonus will be sadly mistaken. You can't know anything. You can donate to the wonder and hope that no one sees you are doing it and jumps in and donates more than you are, but you can't know and anyone who is guaranteeing that you will is flat out wrong.

THAT IS A LOT OF KP NEEDED, WHERE CAN I GET ALL THIS KP? You gain KP (knowledge points) from a few places:

Time bonus: Every hour you automatically get another kp added unless your kp bar is full.

You can purchase them: In the corner of the kp bar there is a little plus sign. Click that and a menu appears. You can buy kp with coins or with your boosted goods. Each kp that you purchase increases the cost of the next one.

You can win them: If you donate enough to the wonder of someone else, you can win knowledge points.

You can complete encounters for which you will receive 1 KP per encouter.

Can I ever have more than 10 KP at once? Yes. But this part is tricky. Once your kp bar is full from the standard time bonus kp, you can still get the bonus if the wonder you helped completes that level. They will be dumped in and added to your full bar. If you win 5 kp, you would have a total of 15 kp, if you win 10, you would have a total of 20kp etc. etc. BUT....here is the tricky part....if you go to bed with an empty kp bar, and win a bonus right then, your time bonus kp will not be added. Once your kp bar is full, no matter how it got filled, you cease to get any more time bonus kp.

CAN I GET MY OWN BONUSES? No. Only the people who donate to your wonder will get the bonuses. You can donate all the KP needed for your wonder and you won't get any bonus at all. Therefore, it doesn't make too much sense to donate to your own wonder, because you keep needing those rune shards. Unless you are stuck and no one else is going to help you because they can see that they won't get a rune shard even if they help you more. In that case, you might donate to your own wonder just to level up.

Let's say you are trying to level up a level 1 wonder. It takes 175 Kp to level up the wonder.
Only 2 players will get the rune shard bonus.
The first player has donated 100 KP.
The second player has donated 50 KP.
Anyone else coming along can see immediately that even if they donate the maximum (in this case the wonder can only take another 25 KP before it is leveled up) they know they won't get any bonus of rune shards. So, there is a good chance you might not get any more help. In that case, you would help yourself so that at least the wonder can level up.

CAN I KNOW WHAT RUNE SHARD I WILL GET FROM A PROVINCE? No. It is random. Let's say all you want to build is the mountain halls wonder. You need 9 unbroken mountain halls rune shards. It is so very hard to get all the shards you want from the provinces. Let's say you finally clear an entire province, and yay, you hope you will get a mountain halls shard...but no...sorry...you got a dwarven bulwark shard. That doesn't help you. So, you try again and finally get another province cleared! You cross your fingers and no...sorry....you got a lighthouse wonder shard. Can you see how next to impossible it is to get all the shards you need? Even if you do find a mountain halls shard, you still need 8 more of them....and let's say you finally go through enough provinces and collected 9 rune shards, so now yay...you can build your wonder, right? Nope. You still have to place them in the wonder. Then you find out that a lot of those rune shards will break! Oh no!!! 8 of them broke!!! Now, I only have ONE full rune shard and 8 broken pieces! Ugh. So I need to go out and clear more provinces and hope I get the shard I want.....again. You can see why collecting the shards from the provinces is a nightmare.

Or you can be guaranteed to get the shard you want from donating to the proper kind of wonder.

This is why people will do whatever it takes to donate and get the rune shard as a reward. Because that rune shard is so terribly valuable/hard to get.

WHAT ELSE DOES IT TAKE TO LEVEL UP MY WONDER? In addition to needing all that tons of KP, you also need to use relics to level up your wonders. And you need to use some of those relics you collected to give your goods more of a boost. So, the main reason why people say many of the wonders are a waste of time is because you LOSE some of your boost for your boosted good in making the wonder. The higher you upgrade your wonder, the more of a boost you lose. Even with the mountain halls wonder (which gives you a boost of goods) takes your boosted relics to upgrade. The reason the mountain halls wonder is worth it is because it then gives you back more goods than you lose. Especially the higher you upgrade it.

ONCE I GET ALL THE RUNE SHARDS I NEED TO BUILD MY WONDER, I WON'T NEED ANY MORE, RIGHT? Wrong. No. At some level, you will need even more of those types of rune shards to level up your wonder.

WHAT IF I DELETE MY WONDER? WILL I GET MY BOOSTED RELICS BACK? No!!!!! You lose those boosted relics forever! So make sure you want to build those wonders!!

I hope some of that was helpful. :)

This guide is meant to be a supplement to the Elvenar Wiki here: https://en.wiki.elvenar.com/index.php?title=Ancient_Wonders

'These are very personal questions. I will tell you how I decided to answer them.

Knowledge points are so valuable and they are needed to get through the tech tree. I thought it was more important to my game to get through the tech tree first. The early wonders you get from level IV, the monastery and the lighthouse take up so many boosted relics, I thought they were more harm than good. Maybe they will be worth it in the future, but for now, the cost is simply too high for the benefit to me. Others have written extensively on this subject. https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/discussion-ancient-wonders.3508/

I wanted that mountain halls! That is the one that gives me extra goods and with extra goods I can buy more kp, I can negotiate sectors and I can help my fellowship with goods to trade.

Therefore, I decided not to build a wonder until I got to the Mountain Halls wonder. Then, it took me three months of trying to get shards because by the time wonders came along my world map had been extremely well scouted. It now takes 2-3 days for me to scout one province. Hopefully, for those of you coming along behind me and getting the shards as you go along, this won't be such an issue.

Why do I only want the Mountain Halls? Because it takes what I consider to be very valuable boosted relics to create a wonder. I didn't want to lose that boost and produce fewer goods per cycle. The mountain halls wonder at least gives you more goods per cycle so even though you lose some boost, you get it back and get more in the end.

Because I only wanted the mountain halls, I saved a lot of my provinces and didn't finish them until I had researched dwarven wonders. Until you research dwarven wonders you can't get rune shards for the dwarven wonders from completing provinces. You can get them from donating to wonders, but as I stated earlier, I really needed that kp to get through the tech tree. When I hit patches of being stalled, for example while waiting for granite or copper, then I used kp I didn't need and donated to other wonders in an attempt to win a shard.

Good luck, enjoy playing, and I hope I have helped a little tiny bit on this very confusing subject.
The above guide was written by Bobbykitty, a well known member of the US server. She kindly and graciously offered her permission to have this guide posted here. All credit goes to her for her insightfull work. I am sure she will look in from time to time to see our responses the her guide.

Thank you Bobbykitty :)



Why do I only want the Mountain Halls? Because it takes what I consider to be very valuable boosted relics to create a wonder. I didn't want to lose that boost and produce fewer goods per cycle. The mountain halls wonder at least gives you more goods per cycle so even though you lose some boost, you get it back and get more in the end.
Slight correction. It doesn't take any relics to create the wonders, just to upgrade them. It also takes unboosted relics. Since one of the earlier wonders gives you boosted goods for visiting neighbours, it can offset the cost of upgrading the wonders. Upgrading the human/elven wonders to level 2 requires 7 Tier 3 relics (4, 2 and 1 of the magical relics). Unless you are boosted for elixir, the hit is small.


Upgrading the human/elven wonders to level 2 requires 7 Tier 3 relics (4, 2 and 1 of the magical relics). Unless you are boosted for elixir, the hit is small.
I believe the 4 is your boosted tier 3 relic. I need 4 of gems, for instance.


I thought that was the case, but wasn't sure after I saw the Wiki. It does make sense, in a sadistic sort of way


It's worth reiterating that ancient wonders now appear earlier in the tech tree; Chapter's 2 (Secret Ancient Wonders) and 3 (Ancient Wonders of Tempest).


Most of the AW makes no sense. With all this too limited space. Only few is worth to THINK about. Then maybe build. But you need awesome FS to help you upgrade them.
And as of when they become compulsory to research combined with the restrictions in exploring provided by the orc requirement, they'll also be next to impossible to get (unless one pays, ofc) ;)


I already have spare 43 runes (Tome of secret & golden abyss) What can i do with those? Can we trade them for Orc dungs? "The new/hot stuff!" :)

Edited Zanyah: 2016-07-28 - replaced inappropriate word ;)
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Can someone clarify something for me please. The wiki and this thread states that you can contribute to other player's AW's once you've unlocked the ancient wonder technology in the research tree chapter 4. I had just done that when the AW's of chapter 2 and 3 were added. We have a new player in our fellowship who asked how they could donate. I told them they wouldn't be able to until they have unlocked the first AW's in chapter 2, which I'm not sure they've got to. Another member has come back saying you can still donate even if you've not researched (they are far enough to have AW's researched). I know you can donate to any AW once you've researched one. But is it still the case that you have to have at least one AW researched and activated before you can begin donating to other player's AW's? Or is it now possible to donate to AW's without having researched any AW's?


I just recently started playing Elvenar, still learning all the tips and tricks.
I know the Wonders need to be unlocked in Research tree and I received one of the "wonders" during current tournament.
Can not find the indication of the building in any Inventory tab, could somebody explain to me, where do the gathered, won bldgs go to, before they get placed and build in your city (I assume, that also happens with cultural wins) ??


The regular Buildings you win go to your inventory - currently the icon for the inventory is a bag. The buildings are in the Summonings tab.

As for the Ancient Wonders: After you research the first AW tech you will get a new button in the menu at the bottom. Click on it to open the AW menu.

Note: What you won from the tournament is a Rune Shard* for the Golden Abyss.

*"Rune Shard" should not be confused with "Broken Shard".


Ah, yes that makes sense as Im near to unlocking the Ancient Wonders.
Thank you @shadowblack that is it - a Run for building the Golden Abyss :)