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3x Faster Productions in 24h


Master of the Elements
Elvenar is psychological experiment to gain deeper knowledge about frustration. Also the people who show desired mental qualities are recruited into CIA, FBI, Peace Corps and Reptilian Army.

Search your feelings, it is true
I laughed when I read this because I actually thought something similar. Recently I was watching "SAS: Who Dares Wins". For the uninitiated it's a fly on the wall thing watching a bunch of people go through SAS selection.... Aaaanyway, there's always one bit where the instructors try to do something that looks unfair or make some of the people think that the others have been given something else cool so that they feel bad.... It's all a test to watch them and assess how each of them deals with that sort of a situation.

So yeah... it occurred to me that we are all already being trained for the SAS by Inno.


I did get the offer in the morning when I was playing on the PC and as after that I started to travel and only had my mobile with me I noticed that on the mobile app the offer didn't work. I don't know it that was meant to happen, but since it's a test I thought I mention it.

Ah seems it was mentioned earlier.
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I set up my productions, however as a relative newb I did not realise that this was only for some players, and at that time the rest of my fellowship were only App players, so confusion was supreme


Master of the Elements
No, this is their usual MO if players are unhappy with something - say nothing until people get tired of complaining.


Elvenar Team
Thanks all for your responses. We can't say enough that we appreciate you sharing your thoughts very much.

What we have been doing in the last days, is collecting your feedback and forwarding it. In the beginning of this thread we have given several statements of why we do what we do, and those haven't changed since. We are sorry for those who did not receive any boosts this time around. We had to make this new feature available to only a limited number of people this time, to see if everything works as expected. We do strive to make these offers available to everyone in the future. We are fully aware that you don't appreciate it much when we use these servers to test anything (we have Beta as a test server, of course), but due to the nature of the tests we had to do, we needed larger player numbers than Beta can offer. To be complete, we did test the technical functionality of the feature on Beta, and those tests were successful. This was done before we even considered making the feature available on any of the non-Beta servers.

Then, some of you have asked for our replies on this matter. After our initial responses earlier this week, we have stayed relatively quiet on the subject, and I will tell you why. I personally believe it best to not 'intervene' in discussions too much, since I am aware that my presence in a discussion can have an effect on the discussion itself, and I prefer to get your honest and open feedback, without me steering the conversation in any particular direction. YOU are the community, and it is YOUR voice that should be heard, not mine. That is why I decided to take a step back, and 'just' listen to what you have to say, rather than forcing myself into the conversation. :)

Again, your feedback is invaluable to us, and we will always listen to what you have to say and take it into consideration. That is why we are always asking for your feedback, and take care of forwarding it. Mind you, that doesn't mean that we can always do what you tell us to do. We do strive to make well-informed decisions, weighing various factors, of which your feedback is an important, but not the only one.

Thanks again for your feedback, and please do keep it coming.


Master of the Elements
Thank you, Muf-Muf. I appreciate the detailed response.

I understand that the moderators would not wish to take an active role in the majority of discussions, but at the same time you should be able to see the difference between that and when people are asking Inno directly for clarification or answers to questions. Bad feeling is then made much worse by the silence.

I think that you personally were not around at that point, but when the whole Crystal Lighthouse / Great Bell Spire debacle sprang up, the thing that made everyone so furious was not getting any good responses or word from game developers - and that went on for days and weeks at a time with hundreds upon hundreds of angry messages in between.

If a product needs to be tested using a wider section of people than the beta platform can offer then people can accept that, but I think somewhere back in this thread at least one person has already asked (again directly to Inno), that if this is the case then why not get every person on the live server to test it, in the spirit of fairness? Of course, Inno must realise that giving half the people triple the goods for 24 hours makes a big difference.


whatever your excuse this is not good publicity for the game and has created a lot of bad feeling ,also created an uneven playing field ,


Well, thanks for showing up, Muf-Muf!

Next time when/if something like this is to happen please make a detailed post about it here, a day or two prior executing it. Send notifications in game with link to that post. Explain all those things in it and if there is no option to use the entire playerbase for that testing, tell people when and how the participants were selected (best would be to provide a complete list with them per any server that is affected) and also think of a way to keep the balance unchanged as much as possible. Consider rewarding accordingly those that don't get to test whatever needs to be tested, so they do not fall behind those that gain something from testing. This way people would be prepared for what's coming and the negative impact would be minimal.


As a player in the Elemental Chapter, I can say that the 3x bonus was the "best thing ever". There are way too many 1 or 0 star trades in the Sentient Good trade list and this bonus helped me get all the non-boosted Sentient Goods I needed to start to progress through the chapter without having to take a massive hit in boosted goods production!

Thanks, Innogames! You rock! ^_^


As stated by Ikarium above, if Inno thought about things a little more this whole situation could maybe have been avoided. All they had to do was use the news feature to send a message to all players saying that they had a new feature that they needed to test on a larger number of people that beta could provide and that they were sorry but only a certain number of randomly selected people could be offered this new feature. There would still be bad feeling about it i am sure but at least the bad feeling of Inno not giving any word about it might have been avoided. There are a lot of posts in the forums complaining about the lack of responses from Inno and yet they still think that staying silent is the best way to address that. Perhaps they need to have a rethink about when it is best to stay quiet and when it is best to give a response to players.


As a project manager, I believe you can never communicate too much or in too many ways, as long as the message is consistent and honest. But, that does take effort, thought, and coordination. Lack of such good communication breeds misinformation, conspiracy theories, bad assumptions, and poor moral. The work involved in creating and maintaining good communication pays for itself many fold. Just my humble opinion.


I'm not on the Beta server, I play in winyandor and our whole fellowship got the treble goods, which was handy, 1 day before the tourney.
Though IMO it's just another money grabbing idea from Inno games, I know I constantly moan about this but- I don't mind spending 10 £20 a fortnight, but obviously some very well off players spend a fortune on this game, yet Inno constantly come up with new methods to screw more money out us, and it makes an unfair playing field, especially in the tourney where I can only get to about 35th place, with about 3500 pts and I know for a fact that players are spending silly amounts of money to get in the top Ten.
I understand Inno have to make money to pay wages. to improve the game, etc but I feel now greed is taking over and has been noticeable for the last 6 months they have ramped up their selling techniques, constantly coming up with new money grabbing ideas and giving out trinkets as daily prizes and grand prizes, even before the Pheonix Cult. which I felt was embarrassing to give out by the maker's and of very little help.

Please don't make the tourney harder for me, for making honest opinions. lol
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I didn't get the 3x faster production bonus. Some in my fellowship got it. The way Inno handeled this whole bonus thing once again made me question if any feedback in this forum gets read. Poor communication has been brought up over and over and over again by many people. Yet, it's getting worse. Every time mods go on silent mode after some horrible decision made by the devs, the forum gets crazy upset again, more so when it becomes clear that no mod can be bothered to say anything. So Muf Muf I will not thank you for showing up (which is quite rare, almost like a miracle). Because that is your job as a community manager to be here for the community. By constantly taking a step back, you are failing at your job as a community manager. And I don't mean that you have to reply to every question,..just you know communicate with the players. But I suppose that's asking too much.


You are entitled to your opinion of course. But if I had to guess I would say that our usual mods are quite busy answering tickets. Elvenar has been recruiting for quite a while now and is still looking for people. Consider this carefully: before you next criticise a mod or manager what have you done to make it possible for them to have more time to yikyak here?
I have gone on record asking for calm and respectful demeanour. I write players either here or in game and follow up. I just want to take a min and thank those who responded in a positive manner or taken the time to explain their position. Also to apologize to the player I appear to have offended. I am sorry.
Thank you Muf-Muf for passing on our concerns. I do hope more notice is given, that valuable data was gathered and that such bonuses will be offered to the players who were excluded to level the field a bit.


It is not really the job for the mods to give answers to concerns that players voice here about in game things, it is however the job of the community manager and by sitting back and being silent he is not doing his job. Muf-Muf stated this himself in another thread but he clearly is not doing it. I have included his post for you to see.

It is my job, as community manager, to make sure that you all are heard and that your questions and/or concerns are answered


A man has just arrived by train. As he walked out of the station, a dozen different drivers (taxis, motorbikes, rickshaws) shouting offering their services.
He just smiled as he continued his pace onto the highway. His home is still six kilometers away.
A few minutes later, a motorist approached him.
"Come ride with me sir,"
"Thank you," he said as he climbed onto the bike.
"Have we met before? Who are you?" He asked to the driver
"No, but I've recognized you. I'm an ojeg driver (taxi motorbike), I have watched your youtube about your problems."
"Which is?"
"That you don't want to choose one of the drivers every time you arrived from traveling because you don\t want to act partial, favoritism."
"Actually my concern is how to treat people in equal way, it's impossible. I can only give them the same chances"