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300k T3 from trading

i am kinda proud of what i did in this game. i'm not claiming to be the best elvenar player on this server. even though i was always a f2p player, the rankings obviously tell me i wasn't the best. i was good at combat and i'm only claiming to be one of the best traders on this server. maybe the best, maybe in the top 10, i'm not sure. before i quit this game in a week or 2, i want to find out if others had the FUN experience i had trading:) funny thing is, i didn't enjoy building my city that much. i enjoyed trading and combat.

apparently many people didn't even read the 1st page on elvenar wiki. 90%+ of the fellowships in this game seem to have rules against trading for profits for some strange reason. maybe you didn't want your own teammates to get ahead? maybe your fellowships didn't have the reserve of goods and trading capacity i was able to establish w/ mine in the 1st 2 or 3 months that i started playing this game when i was a brand new player, made an archmage by default, and built a fully functioning fellowship from a group of 4 noobs? here are some direct quotes from the wiki page titled "what this game is about"...

You can either become a skilled and well-known trader,
Build up the most beautiful city and establish the most efficient economic system that you can!

in my opinion, the game is literally telling to trade for profits if you can. fair traders can't establish an economy that's as efficient as an economy that has a trade surplus. if you happened to build a city that was more economically efficient than mine, you could have made it even more efficient if you had a surplus of trade. economics is about distribution of goods as well as it's about production. i live in a country that's getting killed decade after decade by trade deficits-USA. as a competitive player, no way was i gonna let my city get killed by them also. my country's auto making business is only a shell of what it used to be.

i know some profiteers give trading like i did a bad rep, but here are a few things that i don't think most fair traders understand...
it's a very fun aspect of this game that many people miss out on
a larger reserve of goods made it easier to supply my fellowships because i could trade well ahead of the demand cycle caused by tournaments and i used my large inventory to prepare my teams for each weekly tournament. i'd keep a reserve of goods for their use and then i'd use anything over that for my profiteering:)
my 1 star trades (i kept my prices realistic. that's why i sold a lot of goods. not 50% extra rip offs prices. more like 10 to 25% profit margins) actually gave my teammates better access to goods than fair trading did because fair traders often have no incentive to trade, so they often don't post anything. people in those fair trading only fellowships were more likely to need my profitable trades because their teammates didn't have many trades posted for them. many times, i had all 9 goods available to my teammates and diligently made sure EVERY SINGLE TEAMMATE OF MINE that ever took a trade of mine was paid back any profits through a 2nd trade that i'd ask them to post. at least i went out of my way and sent messages to them telling them i owed them goods when i saw a notification that they accepted one of my 1 star trades. always. i couldn't make everyone post trades to let me pay them back but i tried to make them.
2 star trades can be intercepted by neighbors more easily than my 1 star trades could. post dust, scrolls, or steel next week as 2 star trades when the scroll tournament starts and see how long they stay available to your teammates:rolleyes:. they won't last as long as my 1 star trades stayed available to people in my fellowships:p. my neighbors avoided taking those unless needed. actually, sometimes they still took them quickly:D but since this was so profitable for me, i quickly reposted them and had more goods available for them soon. fair traders often wouldn't do that because of the lack of an incentive to trade and they often couldn't do that because they didn't have the large inventory from profiteering to be able to keep on posting more tournament goods. my neighbors from fair trading fellowships often paid me profits because they had less access to goods than people in my fellowships that had a way to get what the needed often from trades i had already posted and would make even trades for my teammates when i paid them back. also, the more those fair traders bought from me, the less likely they were to have a strong reserve of goods, which made them even more likely to buy my goods in following weeks:) the more they paid profits to me, the more i had to reinvest in trades and stock even more goods further ahead of the demand cycles. when i first joined arsenal EN2, i was on page 3 of the fellowship rankings but was the largest supplier of goods. 1/2 million T3 goods as an orc did that when woodelves chapter 1st came out. i was often making 50k plus in T3 on my best days of selling goods as an orc.

actually, my 1st intention when i started posting 1 star trades was to leave my teammates access to my goods while i was gone. we trusted each other. they knew i'd pay them back. we were a strong team early on even before tournaments had fellowship rewards. also i had some good teammates that were willing to help me and others when needed too. i didn't do all of this just by myself.

but neighbors of mine, those in fair trading only fellowships usually, were often desperate to trade for tournament goods at the last minute so my 1 star trades that were meant for teammates often got taken by those neighbors. profits originally came to me by accident:eek:. didn't take long for me to start looking for profits and to know my neighbors the way a good bartender knows his regular customers' preferred drink orders:cool:

i gotta thank some of my best teammates. they put up w/ me and helped me when i came close to running the supply of certain goods low. i often encouraged them to trade like i did so they could do well too. a few did. i figured the stronger their inventory got, the more insurance we had as a team to prevent possible shortages, which i luckily almost always managed to avoid. i was lucky to be in active neighborhoods. but some of my teammates traded successfully in remote areas of the map too. my trading wasn't all based on luck though. i did well in EN1 and EN2.

i had a lot of fun and met a lotta nice and interesting people here. some of the rivals i had made things fun also:) actually, i think some of those customers of mine might miss me. most must have thought it was worth it to pay me about 15 or 20% extra to be able to get what they wanted often whenever they wanted it. on a few occasions, i wished i had a neighbor that'd have goods available for me when i was low on a certain good and wanted to do a lot in a tournament that week.

enjoy the game folks.
i'm retiring next week probably. i don't wanna log in daily or more often anymore.
but i have always been so curious, did anyone else ever have an experience trading goods similar to this?
so far, i played w/ a lot of experienced players and haven't heard of a player that did anything close to what i did. someone might have.
because 90% of the fellowships i've seen seem to be against profiteering, i often felt like i was the only one doing this.
on my best 2 days of trading ever, i must have sold about 2 or 3 million T3 because i know i made 300k net profits in 24 hours on those 2 occasions and had many days when i made over 100k, sometimes a few of those days in the same week:)
a teammate of mine gave me 800 gems when i built my 1st T2 factory. that's when i started trading this way. near the day i built my 1st gem factory, after trading and reinvesting all of my profits, i had a day when i made about 4k in T3 profits-no land, people, gold, or supplies needed. my lone measly gem factory only made me about 60 gems in 3 hours. before i entered 1/2lings chapter, i often had days when the tradehouse made more goods for my cities than all of my factories combined. was a lotta fun.