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2 Roommates seeking an active fellowship.


Me: 35,000 score. Planks/Silk/Dust
Roommate: 33,000 score. Steel/Scrolls/Elixir

My roommate and I started this game some months ago and we're both still very into it. We started our own small fellowship but it's still lonely at times to only have each other to talk to about the game and trade with. Plus, it's hard to get the third resource we don't produce sometimes.

It'd be amazing to have more people to talk to, to visit, to have visit and help us (everyone seems to just hit the main hall and go in my area! culture, please!) and to trade with.

We both play this game (far too much!) multiple times per day and we'd really like to find an active fellowship with some cool people. Thanks so much for reading and you can contact me in game as "Esper" or post here. Thanks so much!


Hi we have started a new fs and are looking for active members we can offer warm room and board with all amenities thrown in.... Including chatter also sent you ingame message :D


Hi. we have a fun and active FS in Aryndyl and have just started a new FS in Wythendor...you will be welcme to join us as we will be building a good FS...SoA Prospects....