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2 Players Seeking a home.

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Me (Heartman) and my friend (HeartofanAngel) are looking for a Fellowship to join.

What we would offer.

Heartman - Elementals - 217,961 pts, Boosts Planks, Scrolls, Dust
HeartofanAngel - Woodelves - 132,821 pts, Boosts Marble, Crystal, Elixr

We like to take part in Tourneys, and can push forward for 10 chests, We like the events and take part in Adventures. Previous results can be seen on Elvenstats. We like to be part of a full and active team.

What we would expect.

An organised and active leadership, with full participation of all members, fair trades, and chat. 10 chests every month (or thereabouts)

We are seasoned players looking to share our experience, and learn new skills. If you think we would be suited to your Fellowship, please contact me (Heartman) within the game. Thank you


Hi, we're a small but growing Fellowship - 5 at the minute, just started getting chests but would benefit from some more experienced players like yourselves. You're very welcome to join.


we have openings. please read the message i sent to your city.


Thank you for the responses, we are looking into the various options from here. THank you.
Hi :)
We are a fellowship with 23 members, ranging from new beginners to some more sophisticated cities. We are very chatty and helpful. Daily players are most welcome, most of us are. We love adventures and are reasonably organised during the events. We do not demand all to partake on tournaments, but we are averaging 6 chests. We do sometimes push for 7 but not every week :)
Get in touch if you are interested.


Come and join 'The Ronin' ~ a growing, active Fellowship, we are currently ranked 72. We are planning to progress in the ranks and are seeking new active players, willing to take part in Tournies and Adventures, and contribute to the FS . We are fairly laid back, we ask that members trade fairly, do neighbourhood visits often and generally join in .. If you are interested, get in touch with me (katina) or our arch-mage damon.
all the best, katina @)