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12 Days of Christmas Event and Building Set


Maybe a bit early to be thinking about Christmas, but a conversation I had today with @Crowella got us thinking, wouldn't it be fun to have a collection of buildings themed around the 12 Days of Christmas? Perhaps a building set, or just matching but stand-alone buildings. Maybe the entire event could be themed around the 12 Days of Christmas? Perhaps the bard, and Burukbrak and Gaelagil could make an appearance, with Burukbrak gathering a series of gifts for his true love Gaelagil or celebrate some sort of winter festival or holiday.

Some ideas we've come up with for the 12 buildings:
A Partridge in a Pear Tree: a 2x2 building depicting a heavily laden pear tree with a partridge perched in its branches.
Two Turtle Doves: some sort of small building with 2 turtle doves. This could be either 2 normal sorts of doves, or some sort of elvenar creature resembling a combination of a turtle and a dove?
Three French Hens: a small building showing a small chicken coop, perhaps a Halfling farm sort of theme?
Four Calling Birds: a small building showing a small garden with 4 singing birds. Or they could be collie birds (an archaic name for blackbirds).
Five Golden Rings: a small or medium sized building, showing something like a jewellery crafter or forge (perhaps dwarf themed?) or maybe a volcano forge with orcs (LOTR reference) or perhaps something Olympic themed? or maybe some sort of abstract statue with spinning gold rings similar to the observatory? Or maybe a juggler or acrobat juggling 5 golden hoops.
Six Geese A-Laying: a small or medium sized building showing 6 geese and their nests, perhaps some hatching eggs and goslings?
Seven Swans A-Swimming: a medium sized building showing a pretty lake or garden pond with 7 white swans.
Eight Maids A-Milking: a medium sized building showing a field or dairy with 8 cows being milked. Perhaps Halfling themed?
Nine Ladies Dancing: a medium or large sized building perhaps showing a ballroom with 9 dancing ladies, or something outdoors with 9 ladies of various races dancing around a maypole?
Ten Lords A-Leaping: a medium or large sized building that matches the one above, this time showing 10 men of various races performing some sort of coordinated dance with dance moves that include leaping.
Eleven Pipers Piping: a small or medium sized building with a brass band or bagpipes or flutes or similar? Perhaps a bandstand?
Twelve Drummers Drumming: a small or medium sized building showing something like a marching band, or something to match the above building.

I haven't given exact sizes for most things, but as a rough guide 'small' would be something like 2x2, or 1x2 or 1x3, etc. 'Medium' might be 2x3 or 3x3 or 2x4. 'Large' might be no bigger than 3x4.

Any other ideas for how the buildings could be shown? Or for the event itself?
I'd love to hear what people think of this. :)
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I think it could be interesting in a format sort of like the recent events where there are rolling grand prizes. Maybe you start with the partridge in the pear tree on the first quest and then have to accumulate feathers (or Christmas stars or whatever) across to get the first building, then the second, etc. Or some buildings could be daily prizes and others grand prizes.

Or alternatively, the partridge, the calling birds, the turtledoves and the french hens could be pets, like the phoenixes, and we could choose which one(s) to evolve. There could be more than one "set" of other buildings like ladies dancing and lords leaping combined do something special and the drummers drumming and pipers piping do something else (maybe drop t1 vs. t2 vs. t3 instead of having it be chapter dependent to have some balance).

The possibilities are endless.

P.S. Ulysses came up with this idea because I was listing my event prizes and said I got 1 Venars Rocks, 2 Glossy Gardens, 13 Wishing Wells, 9 Cozy Farms and a partridge in a pear tree. From there he was off and running.


It's a fun idea. For me I can't imagine getting into it just because there are 12 buildings and you'd feel like you've got to have all of them for the sake of completion. I'm not one for tearing down parts of my city to make way for new buildings.

I don't know, though, maybe a couple of them would be cool enough looking by themselves to make me think I would pick them separately, like I do with regular daily prizes.


@Crowella I like the idea of them being sequential grand prizes in a format similar to the recent major events. That would also fit the theme of 12 days of Christmas, in which someone gets one gift after another in a set order. If it doesn't have the in-between prizes, or there's lots of quests, then you'd be able to collect enough event currency to get a full set.

In terms of the space it would take up, I reckon it could work as something similar in size or footprint to the carnival set.
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Upon reflection, I reckon this concept could also work well as an evolving building. Perhaps it could be a large Christmas tree with presents underneath, and at each stage a new present is added. At stage 1 the only gift under the tree is a potted pear tree with a partridge, at stage 2 there's 2 turtle doves plus the pear tree, and so on. This would only work if it can evolve up to stage 12.