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10 chests FS in EN1


Fellowship of Friends (EN1, Arendyll) has a place opening up for one new Fellow with a minimum score of 500,000. We are a relaxed and positive group who enjoy the company as much as the fun of playing the game. We support each other by visiting 5 or more times per week, posting fair trades (2 or 3 stars, FS first), being respectful to each other, checking and replying to messages at least twice per week and advising the FS of any absences ahead of time. We have a minimum required contribution to tournaments of 1200 points, and this allows us to achieve 10 chests every week. We have optional but fast moving KP swap threads and optional birthday gifting of KPs. FA and Spire participation is optional. Please be aware you may be expelled for not meeting these requirements (warnings given first). Marble, crystal and dust boosts preferred but not essential. If you feel you would fit in with us, please drop me a message in-game (Kimelve). Look forward to chatting.