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Closed | Archived 1 resource missing


Hello there! I have a little issue that is trying to annoy me every time it happens:
When I pick up my capped resources, 1 resource is sometimes missing, and it's wasting my production.

For example when I have two finished productions with 300 (or more) resources, and I need to pick 300 resources in order to have a full storage - the game will take 299 resources from one building, and 1 resource from other one. Sometimes, even if it takes 1 resource from the other building, 1 resource is still missing.

In the end, the game steals from me 1 resource, from time to time.

I end up with 1 resource missing - and I need either to wait for more resources to be missing, or to pick that 1 and "discard" production in other building. IMHO this is the most unconfortable and indeed the most annoying issue/bug in the game. A good solution would be to fix the issue (or add +1 resource while pickign capped goods). The issue is not happening all the time, only sometimes, so it can't be, by any means, intended behaviour of the game.

What do you think, are you experiencing the same issue? Is it frustrating or you like it this way?
I want to address this bug and gather more insights from other players.
Thank you. For me, it's definitely a clear bug on Elvenar's side.


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It's a bug that has been around as long as I remember, and can be annoying for me also as I can waste collections of coins/supplies etc. I believe it is due to a mysterious decimal place that appears from time to time, causing the storage cap not to be recognised.


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
This is indeed a rounding issue as boosts percentages do not always create whole numbers, due to their very nature.
A red warning box appears to warn players that they are now close to filling their resources, to help players with gameplay.
Therefore this is not a bug as such, but is working at intended with the percentages correctly at play.