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♫AbunDance♫ recruiting


♫AbunDance♫ is currently recruiting active players to join our international fellowship as we play and advance our cities.
Members are also expected to provide neighborly help and take part in Fellowship Adventures, Tournaments, Spire and share in the prizes to advance our cities.
We obtain a Blueprint every tournament.
New players are welcome upon the completion of Chapter 3 and construction of an Ancient Wonder.
This is a friendly, no drama, fair trade fellowship.
If you are interested please contact Akalyne, PippinMax or Raghalthor.
Come and enjoy the fun in a great fellowship.


Hello world,
To add to what my buddy said above here, we offer a bit of fun as we play side-by-side.
We are bipolar(at least me), so if you wanna join and play and not socialise in the chat, then we have a place for you.
But if you wanna join the craic*, we love (again, mostly me) to make fun of one another, and just have a good time.
If you are interested, just apply. If full, mail the VIP lads listed above and we will sort stuff in a jiffy ;)
All the best!

noun IRISH(elvish)
enjoyable social activity; a good time.
"he loves the craic, the late nights"