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♣ Blue Unicorns ♣


Welcome to the ♣ Blue Unicorns ♣ Fellowship
Tether your Unicorn to the nearest Magical Lamppost.
Sit down and make yourself at home.

Now recruiting ☼ACTIVE☼ Traders, Tournament enthusiasts, Quest & Event players with any Boosted goods.

Players with ☼Marble☼, ☼Crystal☼, ☼Gems☼, ☼Planks☼, ☼Silk☼, ☼Elixir☼, ☼Steel☼, ☼Scrolls☼, ☼Dust☼, Boosted Goods Production. (I think that covers everyone.) :)
Preferably at Chapter V of the Research Tree or higher.
With at least 6 Ancient Wonders.

All sizes and Tiers of Trading acceptable.
1:1 Ratios or better within the same Tier.
We recommend you trade your Boosted Goods daily to keep a healthy stockpile of all.
4:1 Ratios or better across Tiers.

Tournament participation is required for your own continued progress in the game.
The RRS is only available from the 4th Chest so we aim for a minimum of 4 chests requiring 500 points minimum from each participant.

Visiting other fellowship cities is optional. (But it can be interesting)
We recommend using the phone App for visiting as it is faster.
Although, do the first 3 visits using a browser to get the hidden treasures.
We recommend checking fellow members' Ancient Wonders and dropping a KP on a regular basis.

Fellowship Adventures is optional but any small participation gives you a share of the prizes.

The ♣ Blue Unicorns ♣ Fellowship looks forward to your involvement with the game.

Drop the Archmage a line when you sign on.
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