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╰☆╮Wayfarer's Rest - Casual FS seeks 3 active members


7 July 2019 update - we have some vacancies available (x4)

Wayfarer's Rest
is a casual fellowship and as some of our members have health issues or are caring for loved ones, the rules are fairly relaxed.

- Tournaments have a 350 points min (if you do take part).

- At least 1 FS visit per week.

Ideally we are looking for players who want to take part in tournaments regularly and will be doing 10th chests every two months or so. (This frequency is to avoid over burdening members who can't play as often as others.)

This fellowship is built by the strength of player participation. Contribution is rewarded with KP gifts and resources during events (sometimes player hosted).
Also open to suggestions for changes on the way we do things, or something new you'd like to see implemented.

Minimum points for application: 5,000

Wayfarer's Rest offers friendly and helpful players in a fully international FS. If you would like to know more please message either AhkNemet (me) or Lacrimas ingame
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I have applied, although I don't have the needed score, I am an active player and have cities in the other two worlds.