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  1. United Elven Nations looking for 2 active players

    UNITED ELVEN NATIONS looking for 2 active players, to replace 2 inactive . Friendly fellowship lots of help available from experienced & small players. Would prefer Planks, silk, dust boosts but not essential.. Please message me in game for for info. Happy gaming :D
  2. Closed | Archived Private Messaging in Fellowship

    At the moment none of my fellowship can send private messages. This is effecting the new players i have welcomed to the fellowship and will have an impact on adventures. Group messages seem to work but any private ones just get internal error which causes a reload
  3. Closed | Contact Support Logging in

    For the past 24 hours have had problems logging into the game. Getting into my account is no problem but getting a world to load I either get Render config JSON not found or Server Error. After multiple tries i managed to get in and disabled HTML 5. I can gain access using flash player but very...
  4. Answered Sentient goods relic boost.

    Does anyone know why there is no relic boost on the tier 6 sentient goods I:E my Alloy shrooms ?
  5. New Autumn Graphics

    With the new Autumn scenery what has happened to Sammy the Squirrel and the baby one? Did they get washed away in the sea?:eek:
  6. United Elven Nations looking for new adventurers

    UNITED ELVEN NATIONS EN2 WINYANDOR Looking for 2 players to join us in our adventures. Currently ranked #73 on server. Regularly get 8 chests in tournament (sometimes 10). Plenty of help available. Friendly team from all over the world . Looking for active players new or old . Please...
  7. Constructs Chapter Quests

    Following on from the Amuni quest to donate lots of Divine seeds and whatever else you had to do to gain 1 coin. I am sure the Devs are just having a laugh now. Upgrade Main Hall (Which you need a second mortgage for) and deliver 1 million supplies Reward 1 broken shard :) I know you can wait...
  8. Answered Amuni can i sell settlement buildings

    I am 3/4 the way through Amuni. Once I have built the last temple and upgraded all goldsmiths & trap makers can I sell the rest off the settlement apart from the portal and continue making traps & grave goods to finish the research. I am sure a F.A will be due soon so the space would help
  9. Answered Trader Amounts shown

    Is there a limit on the amount of trades that can be sown. I am now in Amuni but see very little of normal trades only for T4 & T5 apart from fellowship trades . I normally have a decent trade relationship with my neighbours but not many showing
  10. Devine Seeds

    As I am now stuck In Elementals we have spells in the academy to boost everything else. Why not have a spell for boosting seed production from the trader . They are needed for everything from producing t4 goods to artifacts and are so slow to come by even with 3hr collection boosts