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  1. Pauly7

    App Behaviour

    I have noticed a change in behaviour of the mobile app, these past few weeks and I wonder if anyone knows whether this will be due to a change by Inno, a change by my phone, or a change by Android. This is all to do with reloading. I have always left the app running in the background then come...
  2. Pauly7

    Knights of Hammer is recruiting

    Hi All, We currently have four available spaces in Knights of Hammer after a few have left. In tournaments we complete the 10 chest target easily, of course, usually making somewhere between 12 and 15 chests. We are also the current reigning champions of the Fellowship Adventure, having scored...
  3. Pauly7

    Knight of Hammer is recruiting

    Hi everyone, We currently have one spare space in Knights of Hammer on Arendyll for an active player. We are a top 20 fellowship, usually opening 13-15 chests each week in the tournaments. The bigger focus right now is the Spire. We are winning gold medals at least once every 4 weeks and are...
  4. Pauly7

    Open New Fellowship Trophies

    There's another thread or two on this somewhere, but just to say that the new spire trophy thing still isn't working properly. It was reported as bugged when it first got to Beta then it came across to Live with the same problems... and I still don't see that it has been addressed. Our...
  5. Pauly7

    3 star trades

    Everyone's quiet today so I thought I'd throw in a suggestion: Whilst I think the trading ratio for two stars is reasonably good now, I wish there were a higher threshold for when a trade gets the third star added. What I mean is, I see loads of trades where they will be something like - 10,005...
  6. Pauly7

    Open Page Unresponsive

    Is anyone else getting a lot of this recently... This is happening to me every time the game needs to reload now and it sits there being unresponsive for a minute or two before finally booting up.
  7. Pauly7

    Open Weird goods icons and descriptions

    OK ignore me... How do I delete this?
  8. Pauly7

    Knights of Hammer is recruiting

    Hi everyone, Knights of Hammer has one free space for an active player. We are currently ranked around about 20th on the EN1 server. Our biggest focus right now is winning Spire gold medals. At the moment we have a push week once in every four when I ask everyone to be getting to the top, or...
  9. Pauly7

    Message Threads Disappearing (or not)

    Regarding the debate and difference of opinion on whether message threads should disappear permanently when people delete them, I've thought of a possible compromise. This all depends on whether those Inno scientists are able to program this, but in my head it sounds feasible, given that they're...
  10. Pauly7

    Open Magic Workshops not working

    Is anyone else having this problem? I've checked it on multiple worlds and it's the same. Others report the same thing. If you click a magic workshop you just get a blank box and can't start production unless you multi-select from a non-magic one... Doesn't help in my world where all my...
  11. Pauly7

    Knights of Hammer is recruiting

    Hi, we currently have two free spaces in Knights of Hammer which have opened up. We are a top 25 fellowship and are looking for people who can help us with our tournament and Spire efforts. We win blueprints every week and usually 12-13 tournament chests. In the Spire we now win gold medals once...
  12. Pauly7

    Welcome Solanix

    First, I just wanted to say welcome to @Solanix, after seeing the announcement yesterday. @Silmaril, I don't know if this is just me, but I think it would be nice if you put those welcome threads in a different place where everyone else could say hi. Otherwise it's just all the mods saying...
  13. Pauly7

    Knights of Hammer is recruiting - Possible two spaces

    Hi all, Just to let you know we currently have one free space in Knights of Hammer. There will be a another place appearing at an opportune time, so let me know if you are searching for a home for two. We are a top 20 or so ranked fellowship on Arendyll. We open 12-13 chests every week in the...
  14. Pauly7

    Diamond cost reduction?

    This is something that has happened more than once before. I am presented with a Black Friday offer where certain items are being sold for a certain number of diamonds. Each one claims to be a 10% or 20% cost reduction and different diamond amounts are crossed out. For example, the Dwarven...
  15. Pauly7

    Fellowship Notifications

    As we all know there are many problems with the Elvenar messaging system. Not least of them is the problem with messages getting lost amongst other messages, and important notices not being read by many people. Even within a single message thread important information is often buried beneath...
  16. Pauly7

    Spire Specialist City

    Just wanting to pick some brains about this, if that's OK. I'm asking for a friend... genuinely!... who is interesting in building a city which is designed with the sole main purpose of winning Spire gold medals. Her city currently sits in the Dwarf chapter. Any advice that I may not have...
  17. Pauly7

    Answered Game not running properly

    Is anyone else having some serious issues with the browser game today? Actually it started yesterday with the game getting slower and slower, taking an age to load and then buildings going inactive when you try to collect from them. It's to the point this morning where it's pretty much...
  18. Pauly7

    Knights of Hammer is recruiting

    Hello all, We currently have one free space in Knights of Hammer. We are a top 25 fellowship on Arendyll. We open 10 chests every week in the weekly tournament (actually, it's either 12 or 13 at the moment). Traditionally tournaments were our cornerstone, though more recently, as winning the...
  19. Pauly7

    Should I delete Victory Springs?

    What's everyone's thoughts about Victory Springs? Mine has been sitting there on level 7 and I'm thinking of deleting it. My Training Grounds exists just to make dogs, which I already seem to be making much faster than I'm using. They're only there to be a bit of cannon fodder in early provinces...
  20. Pauly7

    Answered Unable to log in

    I can see me being asked to post a ticket any minute, but I thought I'd just send this screenshot because I've never seen this before. Is anyone else seeing this message at the log in screen?