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  1. Crystal Palace is Recruiting

    Real world strikes again! We have had several members have to drop out due to real world issues and now have vacancies for players of any level. We do not want to be the highest scoring just provide a friendly fellowship to play at your own speed. All we ask is that you contribute by visits to...
  2. Power of Provision Spell not working correctly

    If that is the case then I wish it would be made clear. The only reference I have found was to use spells before production is finished to get maximum effect which is exactly what I did. As the PoP spell has a duration of 10 hours it can be assumed that if your production has 9 hrs and the PoP...
  3. Power of Provision Spell not working correctly

    After the last update to the game (1.13) the PoP spell does not seem to work the same. Prior to the update you could use the spell so that your workshop could produce overnight and you get the boosted supply amount when you come back to game next day. Now it seems you have to collect as you go...
  4. Closed | Contact Support Disappearing Supplies-Arendyll

    When this problem occurred again I managed to capture screen shots and forwarded to support. The answer I got is that they are looking in to it and in the meantime they advised to do things slowly. Not very helpful.
  5. Summer Solstice

    Summer solstice - very disappointing. Impossible to gain all three without expending diamonds which seems unfair. Then with a day and a half to go no challenges - lady just disappeared. All this aside the rewards were good enabling gain of culture and population. Perhaps the challenges should be...
  6. The Crystal Palace now recruiting

    Looking for active members to join our group. Many players are Australian based. All we require is that you be active providing neighbourly help to members, conduct fair trades and ask questions if you need help. We do like to know a bit about our members so that everyone in the group knows who...
  7. Granville's Fellowship seeking new active members

    If you are active and prepared to visit all members of the fellowship to give neighbourly help at least 3 times per week then please send us a request. Points level is of no concern as long as you are active and help you shall in turn be helped.
  8. Looking for Fellowship

    Granville's Fellowship are looking for new members like you. We need people who are prepared to give neighbourly help at least 3 times per week, daily even better.
  9. Closed | Contact Support Disappearing Supplies-Arendyll

    Just finished collecting all supplies from workshops and went to train some more troops when a message came up "internal script error" "unable to access please try again later" then the game restarted and supply storage at zero! What on earth is happening.