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  1. Silly Bubbles

    Forums update

    I like the new forums updates, it takes a little bit to get used to it but there has been some nice changes that are greatly appreciated. :)
  2. Silly Bubbles

    Fighting/catering difficulty change through chapters

    I think there’s a need to clarify/solve this issue once and for all, and also in one thread. Sorry but the more we discuss it, the higher the chances of settling on something as obviously it keeps being an emotional subject that keeps confusing a lot players. It’d be great if we could just...
  3. Silly Bubbles

    I'd like to know you better :-)

    I just thought that it would be great to get to know each other a little bit better and share a couple of things about ourselves for others to understand where we're coming from. Maybe just little things like when you started playing, what are your priorities (we all now we can't get it all :D)...
  4. Silly Bubbles

    Training Grounds vs Mercenary Camp troops

    I found myself having excess Orcs so I would like to review which troops I’m making out of these two buildings. I’d like to cover all types of enemies with a combination of troops from each so I’d like to pick the best ones from each. Which troops do you prefer out of these choices? Best for...
  5. Silly Bubbles

    Remove gender question in forum profile details

    Could we have the part of the forum profile where it asks for gender removed? I know that it’s not mandatory to do it and it’s not a big deal, it just would be great if it was recognised that those things don’t matter unless it’s a dating site. I don’t even understand why it was originally put...
  6. Silly Bubbles

    Question Magic Academy Crafting Slots

    I've seen somewhere that each crafting slot in the MA is allocated for certain items. Does anyone know more details about this? Like what items are allocated to different slots and whether I can keep crafting an item in a slot through the rotation without influences RNG of items in another slot...
  7. Silly Bubbles

    Show our merchant offers in "Your offers" tab

    At this moment there's no way to see what offers we made through merchant that are waiting to be accepted. Is it possible to show these offers together with the other offers we make in the "Your offers" tab. It's especially hard to remember what trades we made when we need different goods and...
  8. Silly Bubbles

    Better KP instants description

    Can we have a better description of how many KPs are needed in Ancient Wonders and especially for Tournament chests. At this moment, the instants are just colour coded and I can't find anywhere in the Wiki what colour corresponds to what number of KPs. Also the difference in the colour is not...
  9. Silly Bubbles

    Forum likes

    I understand that some people might find this topic not important but I just can’t stop wondering why this forum is less generous on likes than US forum. I personally don’t mind clicking on everything I like to show appreciation, respect and agreement so I wonder what’s other forum members view...
  10. Silly Bubbles

    Shorter timeframe to return visits

    Another possible solutions to the current problem of not being able to return all neighbour visits due to notifications limit could be shorter timeframe to return visits. Currently, we can only return visits after 23 hrs so I suggest to reduce it to 11 hrs. This way we should be able to return...
  11. Silly Bubbles

    KP Swap Threads vs Chest Matching (Net0)

    I’d just like to bring up this topic to clarify the advantages and disadvantages of each system. At this moment, swap threads seem to be a popular go to choice and there are players that aren’t aware of advantages of chest matching. By chest matching I mean that whoever is close to finishing...
  12. Silly Bubbles

    Use actual population needed for upgrades

    I'm close to having 30% discount on population from my Mountain Halls and Golden Abyss. It would be great if this discount was used when I upgrade or place buildings and not after. At this moment, I have to have 100% of the population needed to upgrade things. At my stage, it means that I need...
  13. Silly Bubbles

    Tournament Strategies

    Hi, I haven't focused on tournament much so far as my priority is progress in the research but now when I hit Ch18, I'd love to improve my tournament. At this moment, I'm consistently averaging 2k without dwarven armorers etc from 4 rounds with only level 7 Martial Monastery. So far the only...
  14. Silly Bubbles

    No Spire mystery chests

    Today I finished the Spire to the top and didn't get any mystery chests at all. I understand that there's random element to the game but there should be limits to how far it should be let go. Next I won't be getting any event daily prizes. Has this happened to anyone else not getting any...