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  1. Discussion Safety First

    I agree. I wasn't aware that there was a lower age limit until one of our mages questioned it. It took some finding, and as @Silmaril says in the announcement, it's in Inno's General Terms and Conditions, not in the game rules ... As for the App Store, Inno need to revisit that imho :)
  2. Discussion Safety First

    @Gargon667 et al, I doubt it has anything to do with the gameplay - there are predators out there ... Last year, playing a 'very nice' and well-known online word game, I was challenged to a match by another player. I accepted the challenge, and although I had never had any contact with this...
  3. Discussion Safety First

    Thanks @Silmaril for raising this - I recently reported a player who admitted to being under-age, both for their protection and for mine. Although I appreciated you dealing with the matter, it would help to know when things are concluded. Until this week, the player concerned was still a member...
  4. Elvarian Carnival Feedback!

    The Everblossom Sleigh didn't work for me - a giant sleigh looked out of proportion to the rest of my city. Scaled down, I'd have been more inclined to keep it. Built it and evolved it fully in Beta; removed it pretty much immediately and didn't bother to place it on live ... where the irony...
  5. Question Is Elvenar a trading game on mobile?

    Thanks for explaining this! :)
  6. Update Discussion Discussion: New Spìre of Eternity rewards.

    This is a great idea - I'm in the unlucky category so far, with only one artefact from three completed Spires. Even the few reward chests I've won have been duds :(
  7. Discussion Winter Magic 2020

    This ... Just watched yet another set of crafting choices tick over with no sign of pet food for well over 24 hours ... and even if it appears, all I'll do is promptly disenchant it as soon as it's cooked. Devs, if you were actively looking for ways to demotivate players, you did well. Pat...
  8. FA farmers

    An interesting thread for my first post ... Our FS is ranked #1148 (or thereabouts) and we're currently sitting at #94 in this Adventure and having a blast! None of our players is playing higher than Ch.4 and there are 15 of us active and taking part. I'm badge-counter (a new title for me -...