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  1. Souki

    Magic Highlands looking for new members

    We recently lost two members that have left the game for health reasons, and we are looking to fill our empty spaces. We are reaching 11 to 12 chests weekly in the tournament, and we are coming closer to the gold trophy in the spire. We have KP swaps implemented, and we are good at trading with...
  2. Souki

    Nicovelli is recruiting

    We are still looking for active members. If you like doing Spire and Tournaments we would love you joining us. An ideal candidate has steel, planks, silk, scrolls and/or magic dust as boosted goods. We don't like low star trading and therefore are asking our members to trade with 2 stars, cross...
  3. Souki

    Nicovelli is looking for you

    We are a friendly fellowship, we trade preferably with each other and we are doing daily visits. Once a month we are doing a dedicated tournament or a dedicate spire. This is when we manage to complete chest no. 10 in the tourney and with your help the gold trophy in the spire. We are looking...
  4. Souki

    NICOVELLI - recruiting

    We are looking for 2 new members that have steel boosted. Your level does not matter. We do regularly bronze reward in the Spire of Eternity and 10 chests in our monthly dedicated tournaments.
  5. Souki

    Are you really lucky?

    You open a chest which you paid 161 candies for and wow, you receive 500 candies! Yay, you feel so lucky about it. You work through the quests and every now and then, you get another 500 additional candies or 200 of them. Lucky, aren't you? No, you are not really lucky. You do the quest that...