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  1. Fyrebird

    Spire imbalance for cities in later chapters

    I've just started Constructs. I've always fought the first level of spire, but due to the great incentive of getting phoenix artifacts, I've completed the spire for a few weeks now. This has really highlighted several issues for me: Enemy troop size - unless you are fully boosted with dwarven...
  2. Fyrebird

    Fantastic Beasts - does 10 chest call to you?

    We're a well established, competitive team who have sadly lost one of our longest playing members. Now we're back on the market again. We reach between 10 - 11 chests in tourney every week and top 50 every FA. Occasionally we have a mad streak and go silver on spire. We help our smaller players...
  3. Fyrebird

    Looking for a fun, active team?

    After the holidays a few players never returned so we are looking for active, enthusiastic people who'd like to be a lil competitive, a lil fun: • We support all our players, helping those who need resources or advice. • We are competitive in tourneys • Top 100 in Fellowship adventures (that...
  4. Fyrebird

    Answered forum question - how to upload signature images??

    If one of the moderators could please help me with a real dumb problem would be awesome :) Each time i try uploading an image to my signature i get this message now obviously i can upload images in the main area, but signatures need an html link. So i first uploaded png to my deviant account...
  5. Fyrebird

    cross tier trades - an AM's perspective

    I know this is a hotly debated topic and I'm not wishing to open a can of worms. I was asked recently why we have the no cross-tier policy so I would simply like to share my perspective. I think many of the players that have had their cities since the dawn of time have forgotten how very...
  6. Fyrebird

    Open space at Fantastic Beasts

    We're looking for a steel/elixir boost player to join our vibrant, growing fellowship. Must be an active player, accepts our no cross tier rule, ambitious in tourneys and willing to help with fellowship adventures. Preferably no drama, we have fun and help one another. Chat can be busy some...
  7. Fyrebird

    Answered Teleporting evolved buildings

    If we teleport any of our evolved buildings will we retain the evolved level or do we lose the artifacts used? Ie, if i teleport a level 10 phoenix and later want to place it, will it remain level 10? Thanx in advance
  8. Fyrebird

    Answered Are crystal tourneys now more difficult?

    I found this last crystal tourney really freekn HARD!!! It was the first time I encountered the Frog Prince and thought it was because I've recently started a new chapter. Apparently I wasn't the only one who struggled, and now speculate it was because of the new troops many of us now are able...
  9. Fyrebird

    Are you a planks/scrolls/dust boost?

    Fantastic Beasts is an active, competitive, team orientated group of strongly motivated players. Our team ranges between 100k and 500 points. We regularly reach 4th chest and are nibbling the toes of 5th. We have an active chat and probably way too many addicted players... we love them :) We...
  10. Fyrebird

    The rantings of an archmage

    Aside from learning game dynamics I feel the hardest part of Elvenar is dealing with the 'peoply' factor. In an online game with so much international interaction, its inevitable that there will be misunderstandings, cross-culture disagreements and even a little bit of sexism. As leadership we...
  11. Fyrebird

    Fantastic Beasts looking for players with bite

    We grew so quickly, now its time for us to get a bit more focussed. We're looking for active players who still enjoy the game and are excited to grow and be part of a team. We play (mostly) to our boosts so trading is a requisite. If you have a wonder we have a kp trade. We are currently...
  12. Fyrebird

    Noobie Archmage needs advise plz

    Do any AM's have advise on how to deal with selfish team members, unfair trading and not visiting the rest of the fellowship? I'm AM to a new fellowship filled with players that have are either tier 1 or just reached tier 2 level production. A lot are still battling with resources, space...
  13. Fyrebird

    Closed | Archived no medals for manufacturing challenge

    Hi, is anyone else have issues with the latest challenge? I am getting rewards for enchantments, but not for anything that comes from my workshops. Doesn't show medals and doesn't give medals for completing production. Have reported it, but was wondering if it was a game glitch or my computer...
  14. Fyrebird

    Answered Does an expired Ferris Wheel still need a road?

    My ferris wheel has expired, but I'd like to keep it for extra culture. I want to move it off-road though, but get a red circle with cross through. Do I still get culture from it?
  15. Fyrebird

    Why the large number of inactive players and fellowships?

    Hi there, I'm reasonably new to both Elvenar and forum so maybe this question has been asked before. I've been on the search for new players or FS to merge with (yes, there is no dignity, I grovel!) and noticed a HUGE amount of inactive players. Thanks to ElvenStats.com we can really get a good...
  16. Fyrebird

    New fellowship looking for recruits

    Fantastic Beasts is an active, growing fellowship with a focus on learning game dynamics, growing cities and participating in events. I'm looking for daily players, no matter the size of your city. If you're experienced and would like to take on the challenge of teaching noobs or just started...