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  1. Cerebros

    Closed | Archived Unable to log into Arendyll

    OOPS! "Logging in to this world is currently not possible. Please try again later.
  2. Cerebros

    Answered What is the 'easiest' tournament?

    Hi Guys, My fellowship will be trying to get the tenth chest soon, and I was wondering what tournament would be best to give that a try. IMO :scroll: is the most difficult tournament, but I'm not quite sure what the easiest is. Any suggestions?
  3. Cerebros

    Answered Elvenar Gems of Knowledge

    Doesn't load any more on my Pale Moon browser since a day or two. Because they installed or updated a wix module that requires ES6 "class" support without checking if the browser actually supports it. 18:28:35.750 SyntaxError: class is a reserved identifier1 wixcode-worker.js:1:60...
  4. Cerebros

    Closed | Contact Support Game constantly freezes while collecting workshops

    I'm playing in Arendyll and the last hour the game has been constantly freezing when I'm trying to collect from my workshops and setting new production orders. I had to log out and in again about 10 times.
  5. Cerebros

    Closed | Archived Date suddenly skipped a day

    Yesterday at 11PM the date suddenly went up a day: On 10/03/2018 at 22:56 someone donated some coins to my Main Hall. A little bit later: I opened a Great Treasure Chest on 11/03/2018 at 23:20. Time moves fast, but not THAT fast.
  6. Cerebros

    Knights of Caerus seeking members

    2 openings available at the moment (even though it looks like there's just one place free). __________________________________________________ We are a Very Active Fellowship, and love to help each other, we are a Team and play as one. If you are a lone wolf type of player, you would not be...