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  1. Hello

    I am as always, a player, at heart!! I love Elvenar, I go the extra mile, for players like you @SkyRider99 I chose to be a Forum Moderator, for people like you!!! Thank you for the support
  2. Question Which Browser is best to use

    @Drew52 I know how it is, Herodite is correct put up a support ticket, we'll help you out, it's probably a log in issue, do you use PC or app?
  3. Hello

    Thank you @cwgiii
  4. Elvenar Limericks!! It's Rhyme Time!!

    There once was an Elf who would never tire as he climbed the Spire and as he climbed ever higher he began to in"spire" others of his group and they soon joined in the loop here was the scoop his friends asked why do you aspire to climb ever higher? he replied and sorta sighed if it wasn't for...
  5. Hello

    Hello Pauly
  6. Hello

    Thanks for the question Laurelin, as we are all volunteers our schedules are generally flexible. So yes to some degree it's important to make sure there is always one of us around, to assist you all♥ What's more as we are all scattered around the planet, we all have different hours to be...
  7. Hello

    Hello all good folks,happy to help with anything anyone needs
  8. Announcement New Forum Moderator!

    Hello all good folk very happy to be here!!!! I'm more than happy to help should anyone needs anything! LONG LIVE ELVENAR!!!!
  9. bubbly joy

    Yes,a very hearty welcome to you @bubbly joy,we're always here if you need any help and enjoy Elvenar!!!