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  1. Question Crafting

    @Silmaril @Herodite Just need confirmation that old phoenix bases are still in the crafting rotation. I still have fire, storm and aureate in my inventory but they are from orc chapter and now im in elvenar chapter, so i think its easier/cheaper to disenchant and re-craft than use RR on them.
  2. Open Quest text error

    Quest 26 needs looking at.
  3. Question No Free Birthday Unicorn this year?

    @Silmaril @anonglitch @Solanix @Herodite Why not?
  4. Question Timing bug or not?

    was just doing a 5min production in a level 1 workshop and it says it only takes 2 mins, whereas my level 31 workshop takes 5 mins. has something changed or is it a bug?
  5. Orc production times

    Just wondering what's the reasoning behind the armory orc production times. Why up to 4 days? would anyone set a 4 day production? Maybe it should be changed to 6hr/12hr/1d/2d timing.
  6. Closed | Archived tournament rewards popup

    The tournament rewards popup keeps popping up after every click on a building...very annoying:mad: i press awesome and it keeps popping up. seems ok now.:)
  7. Answered Barrel Crane Daily prize.

    Is there an early collect on the Mana or do we have to wait the full 36 hours to collect?...and since when did 36 hr collections pop up??? 48hr is bad enough, a day and a half is just making collection timing worse...:mad:
  8. Answered 1 click productions

    @Muf-Muf @Dizzy Lizzie @Rilian Just wondering if or when everyone will be getting 1 click workshop productions, about 4 in my FS has yet to get it. the ones that do have it say its great. i want it too:mad: please:) Edit. just to clarify im on a PC, i dont know if all App users got it or not.
  9. craftsman challenge.

    So 10 awkp and about 22 hours worth of time boosters...pass, wont be going out of my way to complete this:rolleyes: I would rather do the previous challenge's for SF and CC and the carting library or artifact.:eek: Does Inno want us to participate in crafting challenges or do they think this...
  10. Closed | Archived Text related error

    Just browsing through research and found this in the Constructs tree. It says quality of live, it should say life.
  11. New Game Features More Crafting slots needed

    I think we need to have more options to craft as only 5 options is very unbalanced with the new recipes, pet food and RR spells and AW kp. we might never get to see certain recipes for a long time. So the below should be quite adequate moving forward. 10 recipes to choose from would be fair.
  12. New Game Features Disenchant on existing event buildings

    Seeing as you can now disenchant buildings in your summonings tab, can we have a disenchant button for the event buildings already placed in the city. So have an option to disenchant or sell. This would be useful for expired buildings e.g. wishing wells and the 5 day troop buildings.
  13. Ancient Wonders keeping track of participating in wonders

    Can we get a new tab in the ancient wonders to tell us which wonders we have put KP into? (just on active wonder levels and not of all time) Similar to FOE Great Building you are currently participating in. Sometimes i will put kp into other people outside of my FS but cant remember where, when...
  14. Answered Storyline quests

    Do Storyline quests become declinable when you are no longer in the chapter they pertain to?
  15. Other Lower premium expansion costs

    just been doing a few sums and pretty disgusted with how much premium expansions will cost. 31 premium exp's cost 172,850 diamonds, 11,000 diamonds cost £75 so you need to spend close to £1200 for all premium expansions. i also play FOE and there you get 37 premium expansions needing only...
  16. New Game Features Magic Academy

    i would like an option to only pick out 1 of the completed enchantments instead of all of them at once. Also i have a terrible memory and if i have 5 enchantments in the queue but cant remember which ones im producing next and if i have 2 already complete i have no option but to collect those...
  17. Closed | Archived This Bug is Bugging me

    Coin storage stopping at xx.99999. See images on collecting from the previous residence the coin storage said 4398K so only needing 2000 to fill, the storage stops at 4399999 therefore losing 600 coins, then if pressing the next house i would lose 2862 coins, when only 1 coin is needed to...
  18. Research Overload on AW KP

    O.K. so now we have AW KP as rewards given for almost every thing we do in elvenar. As most of us have seen with quest #78 in woodelvenstock, new players cannot complete the quest without reaching chapter 3 and researching superior residences to get them to lvl 14, whereas last major event (i...
  19. Answered 10 x Tournament chests

    can anybody tell me how many resources i would need to do a 10 chest tournament with only negotiations? i know its going to be a lot, just want an approximation. :eek:
  20. Closed | Archived weird icon on screen

    got the below icon on screen, when pressing it it opens the elvenar news. icon says 15 days 11 hours, elvenstock is 19 days 11 hour, so im not sure why its even there...