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  1. Toursy

    Why do I plan to stop the game

    Hello everyone, I'm more and more thinking about leaving the game, I think it could be good for the GD to get some feedbacks about what can push a player to leave the game, after playing it for around two years. I'm now chapter XVI, but the problem really show up at chapter XV, the new idea to...
  2. Toursy

    Open Builder bonus

    Hello, I found out that when I cancel a construction (an upgrade to be more precise) my builder bonuses disappear. It happened twice, once I had 3 bonuses (so 30%) and after cancelling my three buildings upgrades it all disappeared. Then I tried a second time later when I got one bonus (so...
  3. Toursy

    Builder bonuses

    Hello, Today I found out that builder bonus which minus building time construction was actually not retroactive, but I also have a polar bear and when I feed it it grant me the bonus retroactively (which shows that it is possible to make it happen for the GD). So I would like to know if it...
  4. Toursy

    New service

    Hello, After playing for some months now, I found out that I like better the design of human. As you know this game is a game of patience, so for me it's quite out of consideration to start over with humans. So I was thinking, why wouldn't it be possible to change from Elf to Human or Human...
  5. Toursy

    Information about armies stats

    Hello everyone, I was quite surprised to notice that we can't know the stats of the armies on the app, clicking on the "i" just give some general informations... so it's quite difficult to know which units are more interesting... since the stars doesn't give much of informations either...
  6. Toursy

    Let's change the Neighbors Help Reward System

    Hello, I'm everyday trying to get the most from my lighthouse AW and the food I give to my bear, so I started to look into the chances to get a chest as reward after helping fellows or neighbors, then I found out you get only 3 per day... What I think would be a major improvement for the...
  7. Toursy

    Looking for an active FS

    Hi everyone, I started the game maybe one month or one month and half ago, I've been playing everyday but I only got to find fellowships where half member (in the best case) were active... So if you're looking for an active member feel free to contact me :) My rank is 21 666 at the moment...
  8. Toursy

    Small feedback from a new player

    Hello, I'm quite new on the game but I could notice that the event buildings doesn't provide any extra ranking points, so I quite feel like the ranking doesn't really reflects the "power/strength" of the city. These buildings are quite powerful, so I got the whole trader set + some extra...