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  1. gypsylore

    Guardians Of Lost Dreams

    The Guardians are looking for some friendly players to join our ranks,chat or don't chat were easy,a few visits per week,we help each other out with support and trades,please come join us. Were waiting.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:Hi there,still looking for some new members to our...
  2. gypsylore

    magic academy

    Could there be a safety mechanism on the magic academy so that we do no accidently claim spells before needed,this has happened several times to members of my fellowship slowing up progress on quests dramatically.:oops:
  3. gypsylore

    Magic Academy

    Could there not be a safety mechanism so that you do not click on the academy and claim the spells before needed as has happened many times to members of my fellowship in this latest quest. So very annoying and time consuming .
  4. gypsylore

    Guardians of Lost Dreams

    Looking for an active player,we are a great group of people,very friendly and helpful,not demanding,just a few visits weekly and fair trades,dont even have to chat if that's your thing,please give us a look;)
  5. gypsylore

    guardians of lost dreams

    seeking new members
  6. gypsylore

    Hi Everyone

    I have been playing for a while now but just new to the forums,can someone tell me what a hatchling is