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  1. Jackluyt

    'Lucky Little Fin' questline event, in Beta server

    The Seahorse Hoops are back! The most anticipated sporting event of Elvenar is about to start once again, bringing new experiences and challenges never seen before! Rufus, our dear friend and the biggest fan of the Elvarian Games, has asked to meet with us to watch the spectacular games of this...
  2. Jackluyt

    Fellowship Adventures May-June 2022

    A new round of Fellowship Adventures starts on Thursday 12th May in Beta Server. I will post full details here, once we know more.
  3. Jackluyt

    New 'Naturally Amazing' event in Beta Server

    The new 'Naturally Amazing' event starts in Beta Server at 11 a.m. German CEST on Thursday (5 a.m. EST). I will post full event details here, soon after it starts - watch this space. Our event notes are free for everyone to use, and are in a format that can be opened on an ordinary PC without...
  4. Jackluyt

    Three new five-day military buildings

    Three new five-day military buildings There has been no official announcement about these: are they coming to crafting? will the attributes remain the same, as 175%? Light Melee Monument +175% Enlightened Light Range +150% Magnificent Mage Multiplier +150% Heavy Melee Shrine +175% Heavy...
  5. Jackluyt

    'Dawn of Phoenix' questline event in Beta Server

    The new 'Dawn of Phoenix' questline event starts in Beta Server on Thursday. I will, as usual, be making a complete event summary with screenshots, quests, prizes, comments and strategy information, in a file format that opens on any PC (without FB or other reader programs). You are welcome to...
  6. Jackluyt

    New, easier Neighbourly Help on the Browser Version!

    The new browser Map Visits (just arrived in Beta) are great! They give all the same functionality as what one has right now with fellowship visits. And ancient wonder donation functionality too! I really love this new feature - one can now easily visit everyone once in a while to restore old...
  7. Jackluyt

    Notifications are no longer capped at ten pages

    News from Beta Server - Notifications are no longer capped at ten pages! Now all history is shown for five days!! This means that you can visit twice a week and still not miss returning the visit of anyone who visited you - though or course you don't get Supplies if you wait too long to...
  8. Jackluyt


    Remember that bad patch we had 5 years ago? :D:p
  9. Jackluyt

    The 'Buried City' questline event starts in Beta February 2022

    The 'Buried City' questline event starts in Beta on Thursday 3rd February. Watch this post - as soon as I have more information I will publish an event note with all the details, and edit to include the link here. Note: We no longer use Facebook for our event notes - they are in a format that...
  10. Jackluyt

    Beginner's Guide to Elvenar

    Paula has produced this very nice beginner's guide to Elvenar. It is a growing document - please feel free to send me suggestions and corrections!! https://tinyurl.com/2p87a949
  11. Jackluyt

    Changes to Crafting Mystery Object

    TODAY'S UPGRADE IN BETA SERVER - this change will perhaps appear in the Live Worlds next week. Only three Spectral Stones - still not excessively generous! Rather like offering a bowl of peanuts to the guests at a party - and saying 'you can only take one'. :) A step in the right direction...
  12. Jackluyt

    Surplus Rune Shards can be swapped for Knowledge Points - now in Beta

    A NEW GAME FEATURE HAS JUST APPEARED ON BETA SERVER! All the experienced players have been asking for years, what to do with the thousands of rune shards that you are never going to use, even for upgrades. Here is the answer - you can use them to contribute Knowledge Points to the research of...
  13. Jackluyt

    How to handle loud-mouthed and aggressive players - use the 'Ignore' button

    Most of the contributors to the Forum are polite and have good manners; it is sad that a few loud-mouth know-it-alls spoil the experience for many of us - to the extent that some players have stopped coming here for that reason. Did you know that there is an 'Ignore' button that appears when you...
  14. Jackluyt

    'The Forbidden Ruins' questline event - started in Beta Jan 2022

    A new questline event starts in Beta on Thursday - so it looks like we are not getting a Fellowship Adventures. I will post full details in a Google Doc just as soon as I have more information, probably on the day it starts. Happy New Year!! :) Almost certainly we will get those multi-purpose...
  15. Jackluyt

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year from Pooh and the gang at Platinum Leaf!! :) :)
  16. Jackluyt

    Changes to Spire Rewards

    In my opinion, the entire system of re-issuing evolving buildings and their artifacts is totally crocked. I really hope that the designers will do something to fix it. Old buildings are re-issued periodically for those who missed them first time round - but the artifact system is ridiculous -...
  17. Jackluyt

    'Winter Magic 2021' event in Beta

    THE 'WINTER MAGIC 2021' EVENT JUST STARTED IN BETA. You can look at the event we have had in Beta here, including screenshots and the Forum Announcement: https://tinyurl.com/kkdzfvue You are welcome to share this Google Doc with friends and fellowship. The productions are Pop, Culture and...
  18. Jackluyt

    Crafting changes in Beta

    Changes announced in Beta Dear Humans and Elves, We have today removed the recipe's that enabled the Crafting of the 2019 Bear Artifacts from the Red Panda one's from the Autumn Zodiac event. Crafting has therefore gone back to ''normal'' due to this change. Kind regards, Your Elvenar Team
  19. Jackluyt

    Fellowship Perks Tab

    'FELLOWSHIP PROGRESSION' - ANNOUNCEMENT IN BETA FORUM: Dear Humans and Elves We are currently adding some new and exciting features to the game! When they are fully completed, the will make up our Fellowship Progression feature. As always Beta gets to experience these changes ahead of our live...
  20. Jackluyt

    The Misty Forest in Beta Server Sept-Oct 2021

    A new questline event starts in Beta on Thursday 30th September. I will post full details as soon as we know more - watch this space!!