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  1. Help with negotiating side of encounters

    For encounters (spire/tourney/province) we have the Fire Phoenix which is awesome for the health of the troops for battles. We also have Brown Bear for increasing production of troops, and Storm Phoenix for increasing production of goods. But what do we have to help with the negotiating side of...
  2. We need a new type of scout

    Infinity is a lovely concept but there’s no way it’s practical when scouting provinces. At some point there will be a finite amount of neighbors on my map. Considering that provinces are needed for quests (encounters, relics, etc ) and my scout now takes over 6 days 5 hours for a single scouting...
  3. Auto Collect FA Badges

    I confess, I'm never going to be a fan of Fellowship Adventures though it's true that they are less tortuous than they used to be. I'd would really like for the badges to be auto collected as soon as the requirement to earn a badge is met. There are 2 situations that bother me the most with the...