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  1. Black Friday Deals

    I know we have been notified about the great discounts for Black Friday and the free building for logging on...Awesome. The thing is last year the discounted deals were ridiculously expensive for the buildings that were offered. There are many older players ( Pensioners ) that would love to...
  2. Question Evolving 2 Red bear Artifacts to a Polar bear Artifact

    Hi all , Problem if you have 2 Red Bear Artifacts in your inventory and you want to evolve them into a Panda Bear Artifact is this possible through the Magic Academy? One of my fellowship is trying to do this without any success, is it for certain bears. It has been reported but he is not happy...
  3. Three Crowns

    We are looking for team players to join our small soon to be big fellowship. We lost out Arch Mage and are now on the look out for a leader to help us reach new heights. Please contact Richard1956 asap or come join us