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  1. Too much guess work

    An elvenar calendar would be nice.It'd take all the guess work and queriables out of things.
  2. A feature that allows for easier transferral of KP,be it donation or swap.

    Somewhere where you can go to do your KP swaps or donating without leaving your city.At present it's voluntary(donating)or tracked via messages in the form of a KP swap thread.
  3. In-game tally keeper for better tracking of badge making during FA

    It would give the players a clearer idea of where the badge making process has gotten and save on spare or unwanted badges being made.Was going to add,even if it's made available to the AM or a FA appointed Mage to help with co-ordination but on the topic of communication it looks like it would...
  4. The Elite Warriors(R)

    Couple of players short of a full team.(Edit)One short now.(Edit)Filled.
  5. Ancient Wonder reward places & their value

    Should be made available in each ancient wonder to give a clearer idea of how much of it could be taken up by donations and how many donors would be needed.
  6. Answered The release of the mobile version.

    Is there any plans for the mobile version of NH to be brought to the browser version,if so could there be an addition feature that allows for the order of preference that players request be brought in as not to disappoint.
  7. In game feature to deal with some of the lotteries the FSs' are running.

    Some FSs' run a lottery to aid in AW contributions,if it were made as an in game feature that wouldn't taint the reward structure might be a nice feature.
  8. Allow the terrain and fighter positions to be known B4 entering the fight.

    I normally enter with a single fighter then surrender.(Causes some losses sometimes)