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  1. QFol2

    Open Can't open goods inventory

    I've noticed a few times over the last week or so that when I'm in the trader in the app (android) I can't open either of the goods or settlement goods inventories - I tap on the icons and either nothing happens at all or the trader closes but that's it. I have to log out and back in again for...
  2. QFol2

    Spells Time left on POP enchantments

    On the browser game, you can see how much time is left on the workshop enchantments, so you know if you have enough time to run a 3 hr production or if you're better off with something shorter. We can't see this on the app version, but it would be very useful.
  3. QFol2

    User Interface End of inventory button on mobile

    When I place battle boost buildings or expiring buildings from inventory, I prefer to place the oldest (lowest chapter) ones first. On the pc, it's easy enough to get to the last (oldest) page of the inventory easily using the arrow buttons. On the mobile app, however, I have to swipe through...
  4. QFol2

    Answered What's new

    I usually use the What's new feature to see, well, what's new here. Why don't I ever see posts appearing that are posted in the Community Corner section of the forum in the What's new list? Do I need to change some settings so I can see everything new?
  5. QFol2

    Grove of Ancient Oaks

    We have 3 spaces at the moment for regular players who are keen on tournaments, ideally with boosted marble, crystal, elixir. Founded in October, with mostly new cities, we have a few experienced players who can teach you the ropes if needs be. We are small, but growing all the time, and our...
  6. QFol2

    Closed | Archived Number of rings away on map

    The handy tool for seeing which provinces are scoutable in the browser version is giving two different numbers for the distance away from my city before and after scouting. I have scouted a couple of provinces today which were 3 away before I scouted them, but which have appeared in my...