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  1. Chapter 20,then what?

    Maybe they'll finally ditch the Roman numerals for chapters which gets to be hard to read on the buildings in Architect. I'm not terribly worried about what Chap 21 will bring - Chap 20 will no doubt be a 5 to 6 month grind bringing on the 3rd level of ascended goods. There's been guessing that...
  2. Fellowships Bulletin Board for internal use by the fellowship.

    Some fellowships use Discord for this purpose.
  3. I'd like to know you better :-)

    I started playing Oct 2017. Son was off to college and I was unemployed at the time. I had played Goodgame Empire and while I enjoyed the city building part, the pvp (and bot) attacks and waking up to my city in flames a lot of the time (and needing to rebuild over and over) ruined the game for...
  4. Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Does anyone know when we might expect Chap 20 to begin?
  5. Version 1.150

    Yes. The reloading seems to have stopped. I can look at mail and notifications now. Yay!
  6. Version 1.150

    I'm getting kicked out every time I try click on mail or notifications. I suspect something is not stable with this version. Hope they sort it out soon.
  7. Help with negotiating side of encounters

    For encounters (spire/tourney/province) we have the Fire Phoenix which is awesome for the health of the troops for battles. We also have Brown Bear for increasing production of troops, and Storm Phoenix for increasing production of goods. But what do we have to help with the negotiating side of...
  8. New round of Fellowship Adventures

    The new badge collection method is a big plus. It takes a lot of the stress out of FAs for me. I really hated the tripping over myself stopping and starting to collect badges while doing tourney or map neighbor visits. For prizes, the doubled up artifacts (being able to choose which one you...
  9. Event levels.

    I've got to a point where I don't bother looking at leagues anymore. However it finishes, it's an added surprise at the end, but there's no point in worrying or fretting about how it all lands.
  10. The Buried City

    I got a fully evolved building from the event plus a spare artifact from silver league. I spent donkeys only on the 420 lights package up till the end and then on single lanterns when I had nothing left for the larger light packages. The iDavis video was quite helpful in learning to use the...
  11. Version 1.148

    I have 84 pages of notifications now, but I have no new tab in world province overview yet. Maybe my understanding of how the update works is wrong but I sort of thought a whole update would bring everything mentioned in the announcement and not be released in pieces parts.
  12. How can we make the forum more attractive?

    I don't think it's a matter of attractiveness or lack thereof. For me it's a matter of function. I come here to find information about events and updates. I don't have much to say. Largely, new players don't need to come here namely because they have a lot of information on ElvenGems (formerly...
  13. Runeshard Changes

    If you want to get past rune circles it's not a good idea to spend your runes to nothing unless you have that AW maxed already. Decide on an amount to hold in reserve.
  14. The 'Buried City' questline event starts in Beta February 2022

    I'm still not missing FA. But it's too much to hope for that they are gone for good. They'll show up again eventually. Does anyone know when Buried City starts on live worlds?
  15. Consequences for leaving an alliance

    Dates can be confusing when people are use to seeing them in different ways. When I worked for an international company we dealt with it by expressing dates in a universal format. 02/09/22 could be Sept 2nd or Feb 9th but if you write it as 02-Feb-22 then everyone knows what is meant. I'm...
  16. Communication Can we have separate tabs for Visits and Trades???

    Notifications is just a short term list of recent activity. When there's a lot of activity, it just spins on. Preserving a longer list of activity would eat up an enormous amount of disk space. My map is huge - almost 700 provinces - and I visit them all every day whether they visit me or not...
  17. Communication Can we have separate tabs for Visits and Trades???

    You like to use notifications so you can just visit those who have already visited you. So a list of map neighbors would do that and you wouldn't have to visit every single one, just the ones you want. If it were like the fellowship list, the ones showing gold would be the ones you want. If...
  18. Communication Can we have separate tabs for Visits and Trades???

    I almost never look at notifications. It never dawned on me to use it for the purposes of neighbor visits. Neighbor visits on the browser are a pain but since the app came out, I switch to the app and neighbor visits are relatively painless and then I switch back to browser again. I visit my...
  19. Question Scouting Impact

    To scout a province you need gold. To complete a province you need to finish all its encounters and to do that you need ever increasing amounts of gold, supplies, goods, orcs, mana, etc to negotiate the encounters or more/stronger troops to fight the encounters. I think it would be a good...
  20. Frustration at lack of Fellowship Adventure

    I think the frustration is the inability to get just one (or two) more artifacts quickly and since FA is where that happens, the FA not happening as it usually does is upsetting some applecart's. If there were another way to do it, I'd be thrilled. Eventually artifacts might make it into the...