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  1. Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    What is a "Haunted Talent" spell ?
  2. Question Dragon Ark

    Ah yes, makes sense now, thanks Herodite
  3. Question Dragon Ark

    Could anyone clarify what is classed as a "Mystical Object" required to be produced in the Magic Academy in order to gain the rewards of Combining Catalysts with the latest Ancient Wonder please ?
  4. Discussion Chapter 17 - The Traders of Unur

    Has anyone worked out space required for full settlement please ?
  5. Teleport spell on Training Grounds and Mercenary Camp

    OK, so it would appear everybody is right and I am wrong yet again. This is my super-power ! Next question, has anybody else got rid ? I realise they are decent pointwise but I rarely use either.
  6. Teleport spell on Training Grounds and Mercenary Camp

    Why am I able to use teleport spell on Training Grounds but not on Mercenary Camp ? Thinking of getting rid of both to make room but will only let me sell Mercenary Camp
  7. Discussion Chapter 16 - Embassies

    Do we have any resource for showing possible settlement layouts for Embassies yet please ?
  8. Simia Sapiens or Timewarp

    Which is better for sentient goods ? Is it more effective to increase production or reduce decay ?
  9. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    Sorry if already posted ( I looked, honest) but if I have completed the tech tree, what level to I have to build my Level 1 Steel factories to in order to complete the questline, is it level 24 ?
  10. Discussion The Amuni have found their way back!

    I see, thank you for your replies
  11. Discussion The Amuni have found their way back!

    Then we should have been prewarned that we would still need those manufatories
  12. Discussion The Amuni have found their way back!

    How else are you going to obtain T4 Sentient goods ???
  13. Discussion The Amuni have found their way back!

    How am I supposed to discover Archaeology when I have deleted the portal and factories from the previous chapter (Which I was required to do for the questline) are you seriously expecting me to go back and rebuild them now all my goods have been depleted ?
  14. Province Expansions

    I had solved 459 I think, didn't realise it was capped. seems a bit of a swizz. Tech expansions are few and far between. Seems I've come to the end of the road as far as expansions are concerned. Seems a little unfair you are able to expand more with cash than you can with hard work.
  15. Province Expansions

    Is there a glitch at the moment I do not appear to be accumulating provinces completed towards my next expansion ?
  16. Answered Should I continue to produce Sentient Goods after completing Elementals ?

    Once the tech tree is finished for Elementals should I delete my Manufactories or will there be a future use for Sentient Goods ?
  17. Update Discussion Version 1.47 + Elementals

    OK thankyou, will get on it right away
  18. Update Discussion Version 1.47 + Elementals

    If my original T1 boost is Steel and my sentient boost is tree gum do I now need to build plank manufactures ?
  19. Set Bonus in Halfling Fields

    What is this ?