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  1. m4rt1n

    Elvinears are looking for you.

    Hi everyone, we are looking for friendly active players. :) First and foremost, we are very friendly and active in chat and joining us will lead to great friendships. :) Maybe have a joke or two in the chat, help with a few trades, earn a Blueprint every week and reach top 20 in Adventures. :D...
  2. m4rt1n

    Improved Sell Feature for the App

    I found it useful to quickly remove all my level 1 buildings at the end of the adventure, when used in conjunction with the hide buildings function.
  3. m4rt1n

    1KP invaders in wonders

    Yes, it is a strategic part of play to gain more kp instants, if your in a good fellowship that uses a kp exchange scheme it doesn't happen.
  4. m4rt1n

    Beta Fellowship Adventures

    No announcement yet on EN worlds, and now we are within the 48 hour window of the usual start time if it is on Thursday as announced on the US server.
  5. m4rt1n

    New FA..

    There will be an announcement usually around 48 hours before an FA is due to begin.
  6. m4rt1n

    Optimal amount of expansions for a tournament and spire city

    The fact this question has to be asked shows how the Inno development team have make errors with how certain things including expansions gained and AW levels accumulated adversely affect the tournament, when the original goal is to build the city. My experience is I have taken all available...
  7. m4rt1n

    Another question to the Game Mods/Developers...

    I am on ring 18 and over half my neighbours have been inactive for well over a year, yet I'm lucky if I see a gold mine 3 or 4 times a year, brand new cities however do appear in ones and two's on some mondays and never seem to play beyond the tutoial. I help everyone every day and after time...
  8. m4rt1n

    Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    It's took so long that I have forgot about the other quests where there were 20 diamonds, I did a lot of those almost 6 months ago now.
  9. m4rt1n

    Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    So I followed all the storyline quests and managed to complete them before finishing the chapter as I have 2 tech left to finish. The final storyline quest that followed the sell the portal quest only paid out 20 diamonds. Every other chapter paid out 200 diamonds.
  10. m4rt1n

    Elvinears are looking for friendly active players. :)

    We are currently full, but please still register your interest with us if you can do spire to second boss "Frog" and score 1000+ in tourney each week and want to reap all the rewards in a friendly helpful environment. Just drop me a message in game.
  11. m4rt1n

    Autumn Zodiac

    Almost a full week for me now to scout on ring 18. As you say very glad of the alternate quests.
  12. m4rt1n

    Another question to the Game Mods/Developers...

    ElvenStats only checks activity by score change as far as I'm aware, so a player could log in and just play without improving the city. Also remember that initial diamond offer on starting the first city, that stops the removal if they bought it. Something definitely needs to change as I...
  13. m4rt1n

    Question Buy KP

    The cost in coins rises 500 coins each purchase, I buy some daily as once your main hall can hold millions, they still only increase in 500 coin increments, the same with boosted goods , so in the early chapters they can seem quite expensive but once you get mid game they are a very cheap...
  14. m4rt1n

    Insufficient ORC numbers

    I run 6 armories and 4 orc nest and always have enough orcs.
  15. m4rt1n

    Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Anyone can currently type "/who" in chat for exactly the same result so it just makes life a little easier for what is already available.
  16. m4rt1n

    Elvenar Scavenger Hunt. Unlock the hidden combination and open the sunken treasure!

    I have looked through the answers and see question 6 as one two either lost in translation, a missing word in the question or not??? 1212121 or one two, who knows???
  17. m4rt1n

    Another question to the Game Mods/Developers...

    Just having read the thread I see a reply HERE saying that @Silmaril comment here is not true. For info though I used google to translate the page. I do hope we can have clarity regarding the issue of completed/scouted provinces as a factor in being moved to a better position.
  18. m4rt1n

    Elvinears are looking for friendly active players. :)

    2 spots available, can you reach the second boss "Frog" on the spire and score 1000 in the tourney to contribute to a weekly blueprint and earn loads of time boosters and free diamonds each week, any boosts welcome, just message me in game and you will have a fun no pressure time playing the...
  19. m4rt1n

    Autumn Zodiac Event

    The devs need fresh blood, every event these days is produce standard goods, supplies, collect relics or do encounters/regular/spire/tournament in slight variation with far too much repetition often on back to back quests, its the same every event recently and becomes less and less interesting...