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  1. Question Dragon Ark

    Could anyone clarify what is classed as a "Mystical Object" required to be produced in the Magic Academy in order to gain the rewards of Combining Catalysts with the latest Ancient Wonder please ?
  2. Teleport spell on Training Grounds and Mercenary Camp

    Why am I able to use teleport spell on Training Grounds but not on Mercenary Camp ? Thinking of getting rid of both to make room but will only let me sell Mercenary Camp
  3. Simia Sapiens or Timewarp

    Which is better for sentient goods ? Is it more effective to increase production or reduce decay ?
  4. Province Expansions

    Is there a glitch at the moment I do not appear to be accumulating provinces completed towards my next expansion ?
  5. Answered Should I continue to produce Sentient Goods after completing Elementals ?

    Once the tech tree is finished for Elementals should I delete my Manufactories or will there be a future use for Sentient Goods ?
  6. Set Bonus in Halfling Fields

    What is this ?