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  1. WinterLivia7


    @OldHag - yes, it's functional already.
  2. WinterLivia7

    Question what is the Level .. I see in the fellowship front page about ?

    that level is given by the number of Perks one FS can unlock.
  3. WinterLivia7

    ♦ Lunatics Lair ♦ wants some more lunatics

    Hi guys, again we are looking for 1-2 active players. Considering that Perks are soon to be implemented here, we would like to find daily players, who love the Tournaments (min. 1600 pts each week) and the Spire too (min. 2 floors each week and complete, up to the top in the Push Spire weeks)...
  4. WinterLivia7

    100th ranked FS RECRUITING

    Hi there, in this forum there is a section dedicated to Fellowships looking for new members (as well for players who are looking to join a FS) In your case, for Felyndral > https://en.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?forums/fellowships-seeking-members.73/ Cheers :)
  5. WinterLivia7

    Can't login

    not for me. I still have to "be patient until we fix the problem" Edit: I had to reintroduce the address manually and now I'm in.
  6. WinterLivia7

    Can't login

    Hi, I tried different browsers, cleared cache .. the whole drill but I can't log in no matter what I tried. I can log in to the forum (I think it's obvious), also in Beta but not on en2. EDIT: first i got this > then I got this > and this >
  7. WinterLivia7

    About push accounts...

    It seems what goes under GDPR jurisdiction isn't quite clear for some even though @Laurelin post was more than explicit and accurate.
  8. WinterLivia7

    Summoning Buildings

    it would be nice. Any form of organization it would be welcomed and not only the Summonings section, also the Instants section. Why first page(s) must be the Artifacts which are actually the least used? Why they can't have their own tab or be on the last pages?
  9. WinterLivia7

    Question Where do trader sentient goods decay to?

    also in your inventory. If you pay attention when they are decaying (for me is at 6 AM), on PC, you will see sentient negative numbers and basic positive numbers floating on your screen, same like when you collect goods.
  10. WinterLivia7

    ♦ Lunatics Lair ♦ wants some more lunatics

    We are almost full team!!! We are looking for a Tournament and Spire enthusiast to join us! Happy gaming Moon Bugs! ;)
  11. WinterLivia7

    KP sharing schemes when levelling Wonders

    @Gargon667 ahahahahaaahaaa ... soooo ... gifts, rewards and prizes consisting in KPs instants which can be used only to upgrade the wonders. You don't want to upgrade your wonders because of the new tourny formula, so .. you are screwing up other players. You are evil!!! :D :D :D :D
  12. WinterLivia7

    KP sharing schemes when levelling Wonders

    and what are you doing with the excess of KPs or KP instants? Can I have them? :D I do not care much about tourny so I gladly upgrade some wonders.
  13. WinterLivia7

    Version 1.128

    nope, not yet
  14. WinterLivia7


    why? Where's the benefit in this idea? The space is so scarce already, why would I waste it for a park? This game is all about efficiency. I saw so many gorgeous buildings which will never be build just because their efficiency is way too low.
  15. WinterLivia7

    ♦ Lunatics Lair ♦ wants some more lunatics

    Hello again! Soon I'll start the spring cleaning and I'll let go some inactive players (still hope they are OK in RL) and we will have 6 maybe 7 free spots. We are looking for active players in Tournaments and Spire as well, therefore, the requirements are: minimum 1600 points in tourny every...
  16. WinterLivia7

    World Map icon - add tournament time info?

    not a bad idea :) most of the time I keep checking but I still had to wait, then I forget and that's why rarely I can do the 6th round.
  17. WinterLivia7

    Server error ?

    I'm finally in but the chat is not working properly. Some lines appear later, some don't appear at all. I had to reload often cause half time I get Server Error and sometimes the chat is not working. @anonglitch - I opened a ticket. Thank you
  18. WinterLivia7

    Server error ?

    Is there something happening? I can't login in any of my cities. The bar is filling up to 13/ 20something and then it change with the text SERVER ERROR.
  19. WinterLivia7

    ♦ Lunatics Lair ♦ wants some more lunatics

    Hello, we have several free spots, real life took its toll on some of our fellows :( We still get minimum 10 chests every week, most of the time we get 12, sometimes even more. Lunatics Lair it's a relaxed and friendly team where no one is more important than other. Big or small, we are equal...
  20. WinterLivia7

    ♦ Lunatics Lair ♦ wants some more lunatics

    Hi again, we have 1 spot free, maybe a second one (depending on RL issues of one of our Lunatics). Our requirements are the same, nothing changed. If interested, please message me in game. TY ;)