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  1. Maj33y

    Looking for Ancient wonder help ?

    Hello , Do you want to grow your ancient wonders to higher levels but feel it's too slow . are you interested in joining a community that give and take . now we are coming hand in hand to help each others with knowledge points donations . We are looking for Active members to join us . there's...
  2. Maj33y

    Answered Ancient Wonders

    Hello , Wishing everyone who reads this a great day . I know this might sound really silly but i couldn't find an answer else where so I'll go ahead and ask here . I just got around building my first ancient wonder but I saw in other cities around me players have several of the same Ancient...
  3. Maj33y

    Answered can't open Chest !

    Hello , I hope you're having a wonderful day ! :) I'm a new player to elvenar , I got to the point where you open the chest moving onto Chapter 2 , in the research menu "advanced scouts" it requires 10 provinces to be completed I've done 12/10 . and I have all the Technology activation costs...