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Search results

  1. Eutopia has an open spot

    4 Places avalible. ;)
  2. Three players needed

    An up and coming fellowship with 4 places open, do you want one????
  3. Eutopia has an open spot

    3 slots open.
  4. Three players needed

    Update: We hit 10 chests in the Tournament this week and need and need 3 players to help.
  5. Three players needed

    Eutopia is looking for 3 players. We are a Fellowship ranked at 204 but we hit well above that. We were 52nd in the last FA. We hit 9 chests in the Tournament every week and are looking for players to get that to 10 every week.
  6. Early Christmas Present.

    If you are looking for an exciting new home, please have a look at our fellowship and send a mail if you are interested in joining our winning team. Last FA we were 76th and get 8 chests a week. We are looking for Active Boosted players and have 3 slots open. Our Fellowship