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    Sorry for the caps, but I fear you might be somewhat deaf. I have requested this before as in asking for a new tab in inventory for evolving buildings and artefacts. Artefacts have now spilled over onto page 3 of the inventory, which is 2 more pages then Enchanments, which has it's own...
  2. Oh right, a title.....lol

    So an OldHag hobbles into the lounge on a crooked walking stick. 'I hope they serve beer here' she mumbles out loud. She is drawn towards the 'beer garden' sign, it's inviting. "Oh Look, an empty picnic table". Seeing some other witch heading towards the same table, she picks up the pace and her...
  3. closing of threads?

    Why has this thread been closed @anonglitch or @Solanix ? Locked Magic Academy Battle Recipes What's your problem with players discussing anything game related and even disagree with each other. Is this why we have so many active admins here and so few active players? This has annoyed me no...
  4. Open Air Traders Set

    On the Set Overview window, there is no information or i's explaining what each piece does and it's size.
  5. Evolving building tab

    I've noticed my inventory is now becoming overloaded with artefacts and the evolving base buildings - I'd like to see those in a seperate tab, where all of the base buildings and artefacts are placed together.....any chance?