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  1. LazyTony

    Game down

    Anyone else having problems? Game just hangs at the InnoGames screen and doen't get to the x out of 27 loading screen.
  2. LazyTony

    Answered Magic workshop/residence cost in chapter 15

    I'm trying to decide whether to use BP or diamonds to add a couple of magic buildings and will be completing the chapter 15 research for them soon. The current diamond cost is 1400 each, and buying them in chapter 14 would require using a BP to upgrade. Has anyone finished the residence or WS...
  3. LazyTony

    Answered Scouting Time

    Is there any way to find out the time a scout will take before pressing the "go" button? I need to time a scout perfecty for the current event.
  4. LazyTony

    New crafting recipe - Blueprint and/or RR to Artifact

    The title says it all :) For those who missed out on a level or 2 of their evolving building during an event, a way to convert RR and/or blueprints into the 2 current types of evolving building artifacts.
  5. LazyTony

    Crafting Recipes

    Prior to the addition of pet food recipes to the MA, my only limit on crafting was how fast I could make CC spells - I could always find something useful to craft. Now, the massive preponderance of pet food recipes has crowded out everything else, and I find myself building up a stock of CC...
  6. LazyTony

    Closed | Contact Support https://en.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/random-spell-application-in-manual-fights.9734/

    Revisiting the archived previous bug report. Orc strategists: 1. strikeback happens most of time, but sometimes the first enemy that attacks won't be "struck back" and the second will, sometimes no strikebacks at all, sometimes 2 or 3 in a single round. 2. The strategist spell that reduces...
  7. LazyTony

    Closed | Archived D-222z "Simia Sapiens" wiki entry

    Not so much a bug as a wiki correction. The upgrade costs for rune levels in the wiki are incorrect: 1 6x5 9h 16m 9 - 3100 7000 11700 8300 11700 3100 7000 8300 The costs are actually in sentient tier 6 goods, not tier 3.
  8. LazyTony

    Open Random spell application in manual fights

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or if this is intentional, but my question is about the spells/handicaps that my units are supposed to cast on the enemy when they attack them. Banshees and treants (maybe other unit types too) don't always apply the spells to the enemy after an attack. Also...
  9. LazyTony

    Closed | Archived Unable to use full goods filter in trader

    @Muf-Muf @Dizzy Lizzie Hi, not sure if I should post here or in the questions and help section. The trader window is modal, it opens in the middle of my screen and I can't move it up. The drop down list to filter by the 18 good types is too long for my screen, I am unable to select Cosmic...
  10. LazyTony

    Closed | Archived Server Error on EN2 Winyandor

    I can't log in to EN2, the progress bar gets to 12/26 then sever error :eek:
  11. LazyTony

    Closed | Archived Silk manufactory on wiki

    The info on the new Amuni levels on the wiki for the elven silk manufactory is confusing - for level 24 and up the title says it is for crystal rater than silk, and that makes me question that size changes from 4x6 to 6x4 for level 27. Is this correct?
  12. LazyTony

    Troop training speedup

    Since the manufactory speedups seem to be a fairly regular (and very welcome) thing now, how about some help for the fighters as well? :) Caterers are getting boosted by manufactory speedups, so lets have some x 3 troop training days :)
  13. LazyTony

    Closed | Archived FS chat intermittent

    The fellowship chat keeps going down today, it's like the old problem has resurfaced :( I hope this doesn't continue (or is caused by) the upcoming FA in 8 days.
  14. LazyTony

    Set buildings

    I have all 3 grand prizes from the current event. They will give me 1k t3 every 24 hours, when I make 28k t3 every 3 hours. Quite frankly this isn't even worth the space of a road connection. However, when I disconnect them from a road, they can no longer have EE spells applied, and I have that...
  15. LazyTony

    Answered Unit stats

    I'm having difficulty comparing troop types to each other and hope someone can answer my question. For example, lets compare the elder treant and orc warrior II (not that I'm thinking about this evening's crystal tourney or anything :p) Elder treant damage: approx 72k-88k Orc Warrior II...
  16. LazyTony

    Quest Cycling Issue

    I'm really not normally one of the negative posters on this forum. But there have been 2 highly irritating bugs (chat and quest cycling) for weeks - the quest problem is over a month now. Is the thinking on the quest issue that it's more sensible to work on a complete quest overhaul than try to...
  17. LazyTony

    Answered Inspiring Meditation

    Is there a reason why every spell stacks up except Inspiring Meditation? By stacking I mean adding to the duration rather than the effect, just like other spells. I can understand why having a 100 capacity KP bar would cause balance issues, but I can't understand why having the spell last for 10...
  18. LazyTony

    Sentient good decay in the trader

    The decay in a trader means overnight trades are made unfair by the time you have woken up. Instead of just reducing the offered goods by 10%, can the wanted goods decline by 10% as well to keep the trade balanced? My trader is filling up with garbage trades that weren't garbage when they were...
  19. LazyTony

    Tournament Hall of Fame

    My suggestion is for the tournament ranking points currently displayed by hovering the mouse over a players ranking to be used to create a server wide cumulative tournament ranking leaderboard (this would include all tournament ranking points ever scored by a player). For myself and many other...
  20. LazyTony

    Fellowship adventure quest cycling

    Everyone's least favourite part of the FA - cycling through quests when collecting productions. My suggestion is a second button on the window for collecting a completed quest. At the moment we have a finish button - I'd like a "Finish and repeat quest button". This would bring the exact same...