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  1. BlueBlou

    Whats up with the forum layouts?

    Ok, I am going to ask it, and I don’t know if it is just me, but has the forum layouts/spacing been changed recently? If I look at the Whats new section, it only gives me about 4 entries and no button to look at older posts. If I look at the Latest posts section, I just see 2 entries where I...
  2. BlueBlou

    New FA - top results on the EN worlds

    I have decided to document the results for the new style FAs as it is not captured anywhere that I know of. Names of fellowships have been simplified, no fancy fonts, stars or whether they were recruiting at that time or not. FA - Nov 2020 Hall of fame : Top 25
  3. BlueBlou

    Ignored player in mail messages

    Recently, I saw the following message in the mail chats. Now, this seriously makes one have a double look and ask yourself ????. Strange thing is, previously there was another content in that space. All of my fellowship see it as I do, so it is not something special aimed at me. They...
  4. BlueBlou

    Thank you

    Thank you for our present, Inno. I like it.
  5. BlueBlou

    Must be a good day in Spire

    First time I got a chest on all 4 platforms, including a purple chest somewhere.