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  1. Gargon667


    It is boring to have stuff and not be able to use it, so I always ask for alternative uses for all the junk resources, not just spell fragments. Too many goods is not a problem, you can always throw them at a tourney, but there is nothing I can do to even stabilize my spell fragments they just...
  2. Gargon667

    1KP invaders

    Haven´t there various solutions been given already?
  3. Gargon667

    Version 1.140

    Not much to talk about, is there?
  4. Gargon667

    Improvements to FS messaging system

    Use discord :)
  5. Gargon667


    I personally would be happy with only 2 tabs: 1. good stuff 2. junk obviously the definition is different for everybody, so it would have to be customizable for everybody what they want to call good/junk...
  6. Gargon667

    Question Moonstone Library

    I probably wouldn´t even bother with the library set early on. You change chapters so quickly it will be outdated faster than you can craft it and then you have to do it all over again. Wait till you get at least to the guest races, those tend to slow down chapter progress and that sllows you to...
  7. Gargon667

    The app version

    Well I guess there are 2 ways of answering that question: 1. Fighting on the App works exactly the same as on the PC. The only difference is you have a lot less information, which means you are stuck guessing and playing averages more than if you had the info from the laptop. However the...
  8. Gargon667

    Looking for Fellowship

    While waiting for offers here, go shop around in the game and read some of the FS descriptions out there. See if some of those sound like a good fit for your level of ambition and just write them a message. Elvenstats is another way of finding FS.
  9. Gargon667

    Changes to Spire Rewards - BETA

    I did have a look at the latest few announcements, it´s always phasing out 1 and phasing in 2 others (for whatever weird reason). I fail to see the point of this artificial cluttering of the MA. It´s not that long ago they finally got the point and removed all of them, now they reintroduce the...
  10. Gargon667

    Question MA

    Yes same as the builders hut, you get 2 levels for free (or nearly so) and the rest (lvl 3-5) is diamonds. But upgrading the MA is much more important (and cheaper) than the builders :)
  11. Gargon667

    Changes to Spire Rewards - BETA

    Just wondering, in those update notes they always state they remove the old recipes though, right? The old one leaves the rotation, the new one comes in, something along those lines they always say. So unless I am mistaken, this should then be posted in the bug report section? They shouldn´t...
  12. Gargon667

    Suggestions-trader tab, world map, chat platform

    The "limit" isn´t really a limit, you can keep scouting far beyond that point, you just don´t get anymore province expansions (until more are added to the province expansion allotment). There is only a theoretical limit that you really only can hit if you stop playing chapters, but keep scouting...
  13. Gargon667

    The Misty Forest event

    I find elvenar extremely inclusive in terms of small players. Many other games put in quests impossible to fulfill for small towns, I suppose as an incentive to grow... Playing events there end when you reach the difficulty level that is too high for you. I can see good and bad in both...
  14. Gargon667

    The Misty Forest event

    I agree, very cool looking, but you don´t need luck to stay in the gold league, you need to spend diamonds :) Should be called the diamond league to be a bit more honest :D
  15. Gargon667

    Question Are Roads Buildings?

    Any level 5+ I am pretty sure (unless they changed that) Since he is talking about chapter 5 roads I would assume he needs to upgrade a chapter 4 Rainbow flower cage to chapter 5 to fulfill the requirement, a chapter 3 to 4 would not work.
  16. Gargon667

    Question moonstone library

    Once you have one that is old, you can even sell it and a new one (your current chapter version) will eventually pop up in your MA. So instead of using valuable RR spells, you can just sell the part and craft a new one :) Of course you´ll have to wait a while until it does and instead of RR...
  17. Gargon667


    Usually at 3 or 4 am my brain doesn´t take in stuff anymore, so I can learn the same thing every night :D
  18. Gargon667

    Question MA

    Never! (well past lvl 2) but nevermind that: this is the single best use of the diamonds you get in the game, if you don´t want to buy diamonds :)
  19. Gargon667

    Badly behaved players

    Now I am not the expert on this, but as I understand it the consequences (or lack thereof) depends on how often they get reported. Which means if he runs around offending all 24 other members of the FS, all 24 should send in their own ticket to support. If only 1 person reports them, it is...
  20. Gargon667

    Changes to Spire Rewards - BETA

    They´ve been there during the FA not sure how long before that. I think it must be a bug as they usually claim to phase them out a while after they aren´t in the spire anymore... But maybe they forgot with the Mermaids? Or it hasn´t been long enough since they left the spire? I thought they...