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    If you find pages awful, like I do, play app where it is one continuous scroll. Perhaps they will make the browzer like that one day.
  2. The app version

    I think @Gargon667 needs to explain how fighting on app works. In general it is best to use 5 of the same troops. Something to do with initiative and how the AI works. Unfortunately you will have to look up the stats of the troops and the enemies in the wiki if you want to know that level of...
  3. unfair odds

    @Mods, this looks like something that needs to be fed back to the developers - and, how about helping players out who are really stuck?
  4. Quest

    Write to Support. I think if they get enough tickets about it, and after investigating, they might help in some way.
  5. The Misty Forest event

    I like the re-rolling. Means I can get buildings on a non-designated day, like the Moose Bog. Lol, did not aim for two, but they happened one directly after the other.
  6. Oh right, a title.....lol

  7. Question Sold Phoenix by mistake

    Never mind sell a building, I have placed an expansion I did not want to place with auto-pilot clicking.
  8. Open August FA, bracelet badge not counting correctly

    61k is the value for chapter 17
  9. Trading tip

    Probably also depends on the size of the takers. Some may just not be able to take 20k, but might need 10k. I do agree that if you have one trader in mind, no reason to split the trade, but then you would likely not see it in anyway as it would be taken immediately.
  10. Open Mobile - FA Sacks of Gold - Fellowship NH

    That would help for sure. The way I do it is in a roundabout way. I go to notifications where you can see all NH, fs and world map, and return help from there rather than the fs flag menu. There I get an indication when a badge has been completed.
  11. Open August FA, bracelet badge not counting correctly

    I think not. I collected after the servers went off line and I am short on the number of bracelets I should have. I collected less than 30 min ago.
  12. Autumn Zodiac Seasonal Event in Beta

    Will it count in FAs towards the number of VV you need to get for a badge in addition to the VV you get from crafting something?
  13. Discussion Fellowship Adventures - May Contain Beta Spoilers!!!

    Very interesting, no start time given. What I would call cover your bases in case you get it wrong. :P
  14. Map location

    I have been told that the mobile app players can ask Support to have the toggle turned off so that they are locked down. From experience, you don’t necessarily end in a better place. No guarantee that bigger cities are still playing. Other cities will be moved into the same area, so there...
  15. Better Armories with "start all production at once"

    use app. very convenient.
  16. Extra Artifacts

    I like looking at them, makes nice trophies. We have unlimited space it feels. Just imagine if we had not and had to disenchant some before we get new ones. Horror of horrors. Would be nice if the buildings auto upgraded a chapter level, up to where you are. Perhaps use artifacts for that.
  17. How to get more Orcs?

    It is said that Gargon might be an orc. Guess it takes an orc to know where they all may hide.
  18. How to get more Orcs?

    This sounds a bit strange. Sure about that @Herodite?
  19. Open Event quest: Scout 20 provinces (!)

    I think something certain is afoot. I am on quest 66 I think, part of dailies, actually yesterday’s daily, which I completed partly as one part involves tournament actions which I was leaving for today. Today I see that the tool part is now also incomplete - in all my cities. At first I...