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    That option is already there in the magic academy, a CC gives you 90 SF at level 5, 56 at level 2. Those without moonstone librries really need big event buildings to whack into fragments, unfortunately buildings of 20 or so squares are very rare these days. they are all fairly small. most of...

    Neither with wonder runes. I got like 30.000 of those. and I am sure there are other parts as well that are similar if I would think a bit longer. Anyway. it doesn't hurt you nor anyone else if you or they get more spellfragments. 1.5m 17m 1 trillion who cares? as long as new players also have...

    This is the basic response of all people fortunate enough to get multiple moonstone sets. Any active crafter will have problems with spell fragments if they do not own multiple sets. It's the sets that give you so many spellfragments. I also do not understand the aversion? I never see people...
  4. Booster for Armories

    Piramid of Purification and shrine of purification are massive armory boosters. I am getting 200K sentient per day due to piramid in combination with my armories and 4.5 times longer unit production queue's
  5. unfair odds

    Exept when the quest repeats, how often do we see on the forum. aaargh to few petfood topics? This just makes it worse. It's only a "mere 5 petfood" for you and me, but how to you think those people will look at it?
  6. unfair odds

    If you do have petfood you can also use one to make spellfragments if you lack a pet. but it still sucks
  7. unfair odds

    the problem is that the alternative ain't much better for many people combining fighting with petfood is a disaster
  8. Changes to Spire Rewards - BETA

    The problem is there appearance chance is pretty low, because of that you might see a certain artefact only once in several weeks/months. Since I still login to too many accounts/cities I see a bit more than average ;)
  9. Changes to Spire Rewards - BETA

    Nah there are currently more in the pool. they havent removed any in the past few cycles. Stonehenge is also still in the pool for example
  10. 1KP invaders in wonders

    If you do not want us fishing, then make it unattractive to fish. there are several ways you can deal with it, you can remove the fish from the public pond (read ask your fellows to help you fill the chests so there is nothing to get) Or don't sleep at night, grab the biggest shotgun you can...
  11. 1KP invaders in wonders

    I don't see the problem. If someone gives you £1,- would you complain? If that £1,- gives them a bigger return then you fellows should not be so cheap and gave you a proper amount instead. if that thing returns 20 I give 20. I do not need to profit from my fellows. I am a good friend not a...
  12. Open My Elven Vault of Wisdom (level 1) ONLY Produces ELVEN Manifests & Collections

    Lol I thought this was fixed last week, it returned?
  13. Martial Monastery

    No I was not ignoring that and 3 was a fictional number, as I said you cannot quantify it. Lets build a theory here. If you loose 10% in a battle and presume MM reduces it to 9.5% then If I have 1000 units on the battlefield in the first battle I loose 100 units, in the second I Loose 95...
  14. Martial Monastery

    Are you seriously gonna continue that closed thread here?
  15. Martial Monastery

    You are partially correct, yes martial monestary is always a save of x% of your troops but you ignore the downside of having bigger troop size in the first place. If my MM saves me 3 more units in each fight but I lose 4 more units because of the bigger SS then the net gain would be -1 unit per...
  16. Martial Monastery

    25623 knowledge points saved, in case some day in the future the developers have there eureka moment and fix this crap, then I got all the KP to advance trough the tree a quick as possible
  17. Martial Monastery

    You can't really calculate benefits vs costs, because the value depends on other factors. at some point in the game even a level of any wonder would be worse that not having them. The issue is research value * wonderlevel * expansions. wonderlevel in this case is a static 0.01 if research...
  18. Please Nerf multi-Bears/Phoenix stackability, not fair for the game.

    Balance fixes are fine, but a balance fix is a balance fix. this means you balance everything. If a car is broken, you fix the whole car, there is no point in fixing the flat tire if the engine is broken. You either do nothing and let the broken car be broken or you fix the engine and the tire...
  19. Please Nerf multi-Bears/Phoenix stackability, not fair for the game.

    Dude your drunk, I do not even have a 1000 wonderlevels in my city as I removed quite a lot. And no its a combination of numbers, but you keep pushing numbers in there in your favour. btw FYI 2x the difficulty lets make a childrens calculation so you can get:(base 100% + sapiens + 1 bear =...
  20. Please Nerf multi-Bears/Phoenix stackability, not fair for the game.

    Thanks for pointing out that post, I kinda ignored it after the first sentence. Just the last chapter (18) if not mistaken the raise in unit production is about 5% (if not mistaken latr improved to 10%) at the same time chapter 18 raises costs for research + expansions on average by ~30% so...