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  1. LazyTony

    Phoenix event and Pandemic

    In Inno's defence, this event and the rewards for it would have been set before the pandemic was a serious worldwide crisis.
  2. LazyTony

    Spells Time reduction improvement

    On the Beta forum suggestions are often put to a poll of players, and if they get enough votes they are considered by the devs. I have even seen a few get implemented, but at least you get a reply for most of them if they aren't a priority. I'd consider opening a beta forum account and posting...
  3. LazyTony

    Game down

    Using an old non-HTML5 supporting browser.
  4. LazyTony

    Game down

    Good thinking :)
  5. LazyTony

    Game down

    Thank you :) Btw, the mobile version still loads ok.
  6. LazyTony

    Game down

    Anyone else having problems? Game just hangs at the InnoGames screen and doen't get to the x out of 27 loading screen.
  7. LazyTony

    Answered Tournament rewards

    Nothing for me yet :(
  8. LazyTony

    Closed | Archived "session has expired"

    I just had this problem after updating my browser. I switched from flash to HTML5 and the problem went away.
  9. LazyTony

    Closed | Archived "session has expired"

    Yep, server has been running really badly for me and my fellows for the last 12 hours or so.
  10. LazyTony

    Answered When the Spire and tournament requests orcs?

    There were many discussions on beta forum about how the difficulty (both the type of resources and the quantity) of the spire was calculated. No one knows the exact calculation but it uses player chapter, squad size and total number of wonder levels. Tournaments just use squad size.
  11. LazyTony

    No Mystery Chests anymore in the Spire of Eternity

    Each chest for each encounter has a 10% chance of a mystery object shown at the top in blue. Its not uncommon to get 0 mystery chests in an entire map\screen\level, but 2 or even 3 aren't that unusual either. Look at the %s as you do each chest, make a note and the odds can be calculated, I'm...
  12. LazyTony

    Answered Brown bear

    Yep, the best way to get the most out of your pet food is only to feed the bear when you have a big stack of units to collect from all 3 buildings, big workshop builds ready, PoP spells and time boosts to speed up troops. Then train as much as you can in the next 12 hours.
  13. LazyTony

    Closed | Archived Private Messaging in Fellowship

    I have the same problem. I suspect everyone has it.
  14. LazyTony

    Answered B046-d "Translator"

    Its the same naming style as other Constructs buildings, but I can't find it in the build menu, and it doesn't come up on a search in the Elvenar Wiki. Where have you seen it asked for?
  15. LazyTony

    games unplayable

    Hi @Alcaro , hope you're well, and yep I'm pretty sure we will have to put up with it until Monday. All of my FS are having the same issues, its like wading through treacle trying to play today. It took me 4 refreshes to get a tourney province open and complete it.
  16. LazyTony

    Huge jump in quest difficulty for x-mas event.

    I've just reached the bonus section of the event, and I do have something positive to say :eek: Although the ribbon win is small, almost all of the annoying quests that stop my normal gameplay are gone, so I can just play as normal. E.g, No bonus quest can be done with tourney, so I can just...
  17. LazyTony

    Discussion Winter Magic

    This has to be the first event where adding event currency to the mystical object makes it a worse bet than before, and I would rather wait 3 weeks till the event is over to open it.......
  18. LazyTony

    Simia Sapiens or Timewarp

    Well, as I said, this isn't a problem I am having, but the 2 or 3 chapter 15 payers in my FS who do say 2 x 9 hour and 1 x 3 hour a day (before work, 3 hour in evening, 9 hour overnight) are struggling.
  19. LazyTony

    Discussion News from Beta (may contain spoilers!)

    Couldn't agree more with @tesla333 . I HATE the uncontrolled shuffle. Coupled with worse "side prizes" in chests compared with previous events, you can spend a few hundred ribbons, get no dailies or any side prizes you want, and then get a shuffle, thus utterly wasting 10 or 15 quests worth of...