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  1. Stucon

    Wrong colours

    Can we convince INNO to stop writing in red on a black background (tech tree). It is REALLY hard for some people to read (me included). It's the sort of thing IT students get told off for. Grrrrr!
  2. Stucon

    Question Forum Rules

    Can someone post a link or point me to the rules please
  3. Stucon

    Question upgrade of fire phoenix

    Can anyone tell me the advantages of upgrading the Fire Phoenix (if any). My pet bird is fully evolved. Could not find anything on Wiki. Thanks in advance.
  4. Stucon

    Spire rewards

    Hey INNO. Why not give us an option for spire rewards. eg 1000 spell fragments or a 1 hour time booster Moonstone library or 10% portal profit. (just ideas). For those of us with half a million+ spell fragments and 10+ Moonstone sets it might make the Spire a bit more interesting
  5. Stucon

    Unfair diamond costs

    XE.com Currency Converter: 1 GBP to USD = 1.26235 US Dollars 10.17am BST 15 July 2020 Diamond costs 500 diamonds £4.99 or 500 diamonds $4.99 20% more expensive in the UK. Anyone know of any reason?
  6. Stucon

    New Game Features Undo button

    I posted a (rather frivolous) comment on the Facebook page about an undo button for when people (me) accidentally delete a building. The comments that followed show that accidental deletes are both (possibly) a reasonably common occurrence and very frustrating. Wondered if there is a chance of...
  7. Stucon

    How difficult does it get?

    Me - 5 x Sword Dancer II The enemy - 1 mage, 2 x mist walker ll, 1 ranger, 1 orc deserter Terrain meant I was able to avoid contact with the orc deserter. Yet I lost ALL my squads and did not get any enemy below half of their level. Really. I should have taken out mage and mist...
  8. Stucon

    Cow Tipping Dwarves need you

    Cow Tipping Dwarves are looking for dedicated and active tournament players with a score over 150k. We are a chatty and supportive group, from different countries of the world, striving for greatness while still having a good time doing so. Teamwork is number one, so fair trading and minimum 5...
  9. Stucon

    Active player looking for new fellowship

    Hello Elves and Humans. I play nearly everyday, always do my daily visits and participate in tournaments. Always put up 2 star trades unless agreed first. Boosts are planks silks and gems. Only starting on tier 3 goods as I am just about to open the chest to start chapter 4. Current fellowship...