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  1. Paladestar

    Open Event quest: Scout 20 provinces (!)

    I'm rather hoping this is just a display glitch! This is quest #61 for the current event, (the eighth daily quest) it should be scout one province, but it is showing as 20! I thought it'd just be a caching issue, but I have cleared my cache and reloaded the game multiple times now and it...
  2. Paladestar

    Open Chapter 18 settlement buildings - Sound when selecting (LOUD!)

    The sounds that are played when selecting any of the chapter 18 settlement buildings are very loud. It's at least two or maybe even three times as loud as all other game sounds!
  3. Paladestar

    Closed | Contact Support Gaps between Union Street sections

    The new Union Street tiles have gaps between them when placed.
  4. Paladestar

    Closed | Archived Have the devs stopped looking at bugs?

    This forum used to be updated fairly often, acknowledging each of the reported bugs had been passed on and then they were archived. However, now we have bug reports going back six months!
  5. Paladestar

    Issue with Winyandor server?

    I'm frequently getting "Server Error" and "Stream Error" messages and the game needs to reload. No issues with my other city on Felyndral.
  6. Paladestar

    Closed | Archived Unable to open the Ancient Wonder information window for any max-level AWs

    Just started happening this evening, other fellows are also having this issue.
  7. Paladestar

    Closed | Archived Archers vs. Rangers stats - In-game vs. Official Wiki

    The official wiki (https://en.wiki.elvenar.com/index.php?title=Units) shows that the 3* Ranger has a minimum damage of 17. The wiki also shows that the 3* Archer has a minimum damage of 16. So why is it that in-game the Archer is showing as having a higher minimum damage than the Ranger? Is the...
  8. Paladestar

    Closed | Archived Extreme latency variations from one moment to the next since Thursday update

    Since the Thursday update I've been getting extreme latency variations from one moment to the next using the full/flash version of the game (Seems fine on the app). I've asked in fellowship chat and I'm not alone in this. For example, I just did a round of the tournament and kept cycling the...
  9. Paladestar

    Open Unit production in the app

    If a unit production finishes when the app is already open the button/bubble to collect the units does not appear over the building that just finished training the units. The building in fact becomes unselectable, you can tap on it and it bobs in and out of the screen to show that an...
  10. Paladestar

    Closed | Archived Research tree order is scrambled since 1.49 update

    Since the 1.49 update the research order has been changed, it is now somewhat chaotic compared to before. You used to have technologies that fed into each other relatively close in the order. E.g. Superior Armory used to be at the top of its column, which fed into Treant Promotion, at the top...