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  1. MagicTasha

    1KP invaders

    My fellowship ranks 35 when not playing FA. We keep getting players from a High ranking fellowship. I wrote to a couple of them, one was nice, we agreed we can swap kp as long as it is 10 or more. The other one continues, and now, more of their players are trying their luck with 1KP. I find it...
  2. MagicTasha

    1KP invaders in wonders

    Am getting silly 1KP invaders on my AW. I would like an option to be able to kick these non sporty players out. They all come from the same fellowship, they all have big cities, and it s a disgrace to try to take advantage like that.
  3. MagicTasha

    Open Panda bear evolving instants missing

    I am pretty sure I had collected 7-8 evolving instants, but they were never put in my inventory. My panda remains at level 2.
  4. MagicTasha

    Open Selling workshop lvl1 gives less population

    I have sold a workshop on lvl1. When selling it says I will get 20 population back, but only 18 gets added. Another player says it cost her 15 pop to build one, then selling she says it looks like she would get another number, but the same 15 were added.
  5. MagicTasha

    Question BlueStacks

    I have performance problems with my Mac at the moment, and am looking for a better way to play. At the moment I play using the web browser. Is BlueStacks a good app? would it help my Macs performance?
  6. MagicTasha

    Jewels looking for FA players

    Are you a friendly, active, relaxed person, who really enjoys the community spirit that the Fellowship Adventures engender? Do you want to obtain Gold Spire once per month, and use the tournament to help your city grow, while allowing time for real life commitments? ;) Well so do we, here in...
  7. MagicTasha

    Question Pet food

    What is happening with the crafting of pet food? More players in my FS are also questioning why its becoming so scarce.
  8. MagicTasha

    Question Reaching to missing players

    I have a player in my fellowship which after playing for more than 3 years has disappeared for almost 3 weeks. Usually he lets us know when he is away for a time, but has never been this long. Of course we do not have each others email address, RL is sacred. But in these times, we do not know...
  9. MagicTasha

    Jewels of Arendyll is recruiting

    We have 1 position vacant. We are a friendly chatty fellowship, focusing on adventures. We have come first in the last two adventures, and we are looking for someone who would like to join us. We want a chatty person, not a "sleeper". We do not want weekend players, as we are also getting 10...
  10. MagicTasha


    I hate HTML, the graphics are slow, the screen jumps, slightly out of focus. Find another solution, this is so horrible I want to cry.
  11. MagicTasha

    Jewels of Arendyll has 2 more vacancies

    We have 2 more vacancies available now, but this time we are looking for players with cities with a score above 250.000 or in chapter 13 or more. We are keen adventure players, if you want to join us, you must be a keen player and a keen chatter :) PM me if it interests you.
  12. MagicTasha

    Jewels of Arendyll

    We have a vacant spot which we would like to fill before the next adventure. We are looking for a chatty and daily player, not an anonymous player. We are keen on adventures, we came second 2 times and last time we came 3rd. We do well on tournaments, going for 10 chests almost every week since...
  13. MagicTasha


    My FS is very active, and I might say, happy. We are 25 members and may of us would love to get the gold medal. We do get silver. Unfortunately because many end up using diamonds, not all want to go to the top, thus we dont get a gold medal. Could you change the requirements for the gold medal...
  14. MagicTasha

    Jewels of Arendyll

    We are looking for 2 players who like tournaments and adventures. Requirements: - frequent player - communicative (we use chat and messaging a lot, we do not want shadow players) - likes tournaments (we go for 10 chests every 4 weeks) - loves adventures (will play in every adventure. We came...
  15. MagicTasha

    Jewels of Arendyll looking for fun loving member

    Hello, We currently have 2 spots available, and we are looking for a fun loving member. We do chat a lot, and we message a lot, so we prefer you to be playing from a pc/laptop, or at least accessing one once a day to read the messages. We are good traders, and we help smaller cities to build...
  16. MagicTasha

    Jewels of Arendyll looking for fun loving member

    Hei, I have posted before, but my fellows told me to do better this time lol the last post was too short. We have one slot open, we would love to have a member with scrolls as a boost. We are a relaxed group, and chat and fun loving. Our members are from different continents, so there is...
  17. MagicTasha

    Jewels of Arendyll Recruiting

    Hi, We have a slot open. We are looking for a friendly chatty player. Visits are important, chat is important, and joining us on Fellowship Adventures and some tournaments is also important :) For more info look at our Fellowship description or message me :) MagicTasha (AM)
  18. MagicTasha

    Jewels of Arendyll

    Are you looking for a fellowship that does well in adventures and still has a friendly laidback attitude? We rank 119 at the moment and have 3 vacancies. We want players who want to partake in adventures and is online on a daily basis. We do not expect daily visits, but at least 3 times a...
  19. MagicTasha

    Jewels of Arendyll seeking members

    Hello, We have 2 places available in our fellowship. We are looking for players that have reached Chapter VI, Dwarves, or beyond. If you visit our city you will see we have players at different levels. We are relaxed, not aggressive, but we want players that are active in trading, adventures...
  20. MagicTasha

    Jewels of Arendyll seeking members

    Hello, I am the AM. We are currently 23 members, ranging from starting cities to more sophisticated cities. We are very chatty and helpful, with members from all over the world. In the last year we have always been on the top 100 finishing the adventures, and always aiming to do better, but...