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  1. Sorcerers' Homecoming event

    One would think that if you completed all tasks and selected the beacons based on highest staves to sorcerer's knowledge ratios that at the end you would be able to complete all 8 pieces of the set, but I was 0 for 3, with my main world the farest out needing about 60 staves to get the final...
  2. Leagues

    Wow... Loved all of the discussion. I have no issue with folks supporting the devs and buying diamonds, etc. especially if the benefit is profile pictures, speeding up their progress, or other small stuff. The reason for the original post was that I was logging in far too often to maintain my...
  3. Leagues

    Since the event has a set number of quests for everyone and assuming at least the top 5% of the players will complete all quests and that those players choose the optimal conversion between the sorcerer's knowledge and league points, it seems like the only two variables are randomly getting...
  4. Question FA question on paths

    Thank you both... we have only 5 in our Fellowship right now, so I think our goal for this one is to try to get up the hill 3 times and hopefully make the pit. :) I think only 3 of us have done the previous FA, and it was a first time for each of us. I'm the furthest in the research map and am...
  5. Question FA question on paths

    Is there any benefit to taking multiple paths up? The last FA was my first, and some of the fellowship thought that the goal was to go up one path at a time to the top and others said to complete multiple paths... I *think* you do not get credit for a second path = 2 stage?
  6. Question Start time of the 4/21 FA?

    Thanks... just trying to time the 1 and 2 day builds. :)
  7. Question Start time of the 4/21 FA?

    The announcement for the upcoming FA seems to be missing a number in front of CET? Anyone know when it starts on 4/22?