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  1. kimkimkim

    Clearly a visual glitch

    I just needed to share this as it would never happen in my lifetime but it surely does look good on the screen
  2. kimkimkim

    Extra Artifacts

    I know there has been many discussions about what to do with the extra artifacts of evolving buildings that are won via the fellowship adventures or from the spire.....I propose 2 things that could alleviate the clutter of artifacts 1. allow those that have an existing evolve building in their...
  3. kimkimkim

    Spire Of Eternity Rewards Discussion Thread

    Quoted from Anonglitch: Dear Humans and Elves, On July 11th, the reward dataset for the Spire of Eternity will be adjusted for the next 6 weeks. Changes: Bear Artifacts will be phased out as a possible reward for the Spire of Eternity. Gingerbread Artifacts and the craftable building will be...
  4. kimkimkim

    Question Tournament Rewards

    I just received my rewards from this week's tournament but for the life of me I can't tell what the first item is that I won....can someone tell me what comes before a blueprint in the list of rewards?
  5. kimkimkim

    Question Stats on building staying same even in different chapter

    Is it normal for a culture building that also produces an item i.e. seeds only have the culture part increase from one chapter to another and not the seeds?
  6. kimkimkim

    ALL 4 1 & 1 4 ALL

    1) Mandatory 10 Chest Tournaments will be every other week with Off Week Tournaments (not mandatory) in between ⭐⭐ tournament average should be around 1600 points or more ⭐⭐ 2) Visit fellows at least 4 times per week 3) The Spire of Eternity is optional 4) Fellowship Adventures is...
  7. kimkimkim

    Swap Offer and Demand in Trader with the Filter in Trader

    I have found when clicking on the Demand arrow, the drop down box opens up right on top of the check marks to accept trades, and if there are unfair trades underneath that box, one accidental double click for the item you are looking for may result (well it did result for me) in an unfair trade...
  8. kimkimkim

    The Last Alliance

    The Last Alliance in EN Arendyll is in search of 2 active players with room for possibly more.....if you're looking for a relaxing fellowship where all we ask is that you do your best in tournaments, spire and fellowship adventures then we are what you're looking for....come check us out
  9. kimkimkim

    Open Gruff Orc Warrior Missing

    Just wondering if the gruff orc warrior is going under a makeover, he seems to be missing from the army camp in all of the military buildings (the barracks, the training grounds and the mercenary camp)
  10. kimkimkim

    Increase Elvarian Guard Badges for Fellowship Adventures

    Now that we are able to produce troops simultaneously in all 3 of our military buildings.....would there be a way to increase the amount of elvarian guard badges needed in a waypoint or even increase the amount of troops needed to make an elvarian guard badge.....it seems like such a waste (not...
  11. kimkimkim

    Answered Teleporting Guest Race Buildings

    Here's my dilemma and question.......In my chapter 15 city, I was able to teleport all guest race buildings except for the portal to prepare for the fellowship adventure but in my chapter 14 city, I am unable to teleport any of the guest race buildings......does anyone know why or am I missing a...
  12. kimkimkim

    Closed | Archived 5% Portal Profits not giving what it says it will give

    As I hover my mouse over the 5% Portal Profit in my instants tab, it clearly shows that I would be getting 38 of each settlement good But when I actually go to use it, I am only getting 37 of each settlement good.......feeling jipped:confused: *** Just a side note and after checking - this is...
  13. kimkimkim

    Closed | Contact Support HUD for build, map and AW not working

    The HUD for the build menu not working properly after leaving your city to do fellow visits or to go to the map then coming back to your city. No runes will show when hovering mouse over AW symbol, no notification of how long til a scout is over or if you have no active scouts when hovering...
  14. kimkimkim

    Relaxed Fellowship Looking for You

    The Last Alliance is a relaxed fellowship with only a few simple rules --- 1. Please visit each other at least 5 times a week 2. Please trade fairly (2 or 3 stars) amongst each other, keeping cross tier trades to a minimum 3. Please participate in tournaments to the best of your ability 4...
  15. kimkimkim

    The Pride Wants You

    Ranked 38 fellowship, The Pride, is looking for a few more active, daily players to fill their roster....If you have boosts of steel and scrolls, we surely can use you. If you can give neighborly help at least 4 times a week, can do fair trading (2 or 3 stars), help out on fellowship adventures...
  16. kimkimkim

    Keep animation on expired buildings

    I would like to suggest that the animation on buildings stay intact even after it has expired. I for one have a few good buildings, like the ferris wheel, the trading outpost and the wishing well, to name a few, that give me decent culture, ok maybe not the trading outpost, but the other ones...
  17. kimkimkim

    Crusaders United

    Newly formed fellowship, just a few weeks old, looking for some members at all different stages of the game.....as long as you can follow our simple guidelines, please check out our overview, we would love to have you --- we have room for 10 more fellows, with that being said we would also...
  18. kimkimkim

    Closed | Archived Numerous Bugs as of 2 days ago

    I may sound crazy, but am really not but throughout the past 2 days I have come across many bugs....I have contacted support about these and they tell me that it is the games intentions and they are suppose to be like this so here is the list I have come across - 1st...no notification of moon...
  19. kimkimkim

    Notifications/Golden Hands

    I actually have 2 suggestions that would coincide with each other...First suggestion would be to add more pages to the notifications - as trades are being accepted, neighbor visits are being lost....Second suggestion, if the first is not doable - when you visit someone, either in the fellowship...
  20. kimkimkim

    Closed | Archived Wishing Wells

    The wishing wells are now not lit up while visiting someone, they are dark....could this be from the latest update to them? Here's a screenshot to show you I'm not crazy!