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  1. SoggyShorts

    Good bye from me as well.

    I think @Lelanya had the right idea. These forums do not "spark joy" . I'm just not getting anything positive out of them. While I generally find the mods to be too heavy-handed, and assumed that would be the reason for my eventual withdrawal. Peace out EN forums, may the ~6 of you who remain...
  2. SoggyShorts

    Event currency after event

    Summary: Gimme. Motive: I want. Details: I almost never end up with zero currency a the end of an event. Lemme trade them for 1-minute timers :) Downsides: None for me.
  3. SoggyShorts

    Did any FS get over 1575 spire score?

    Usually, at least 1 FS gets over the max by shuffling players but I'm hearing that this week when a player left before the end of the spire that the FS lost their points. Can anyone confirm?
  4. SoggyShorts

    New Rune Shard recipe extremely unbalanced.

    I find the Spell fragment requirements to be a bit extremely high on the new recipe. It's very possible to get 20 RS per week(2 per day from set buildings and 6 from the tournament), so where to get the 5200 SF to craft KP from them? Disenchant 100 PoP spells? That's ridiculous. Nuke 44 squares...
  5. SoggyShorts

    Where will you be in 5 years?

    Well I certainly hope you aren't still in chapter 7 for 5 more years:D (an advanced city can make 2B in ~100 days)
  6. SoggyShorts

    Traveling Merchant and its Benefits

    It is pretty fair, most players just don't know how good travelling merchants are. The travelling merchant 3 makes more goods per square than a t3 factory does because it does not require culture, supplies or population
  7. SoggyShorts

    Trader Trade T4&T5 in wholesaler for Spell Fragments

    Summary: Spend T4&T5 in the wholesaler to buy spell fragments Description: A tab in the wholesaler where you can buy Spell Fragments for the T4&T5 that are not your boost. Motivation: 1. Between chapters there is really not much incentive to run your T4 or T5 factories. The only real use is...